Alice is forced to move in with her aunt in Australia. But she quickly finds out that she has the cutest neighbor ever, Michael Clifford. What will happen between them?


20. 20

We made our way to the Annandale Hotel. "This is it!" He exclaimed. We were both so excited. I haven't seen his band play yet. We walked through the door and saw Calum and Luke setting everything up on the stage. I sat to the side and watched as Michael joined in. I stood by the door waiting for them to finish. Then, the door opened. As Ashton walked in, he grabbed my ass. I gasped, but thankfully no one noticed. He didn't say a word to me. He walked over to the boys and hugged them all. His smile was huge; you could tell he was extremely excited.

Soon after, the show started. Only about 12 other people showed up. I felt bad for the band. They started off by singing Teenage Dirtbag, and everyone went crazy. They were amazing.

After they played and packed up their instruments, we went to go get pizza. I decided to call Nicole and invite her, so I wasn't the only girl. We got in Luke's car and drove to her house. His car only had five seats, and there was six of us. So, I had to sit on Michael's lap. I grinded my butt against his lap, no one could see, I could feel him getting hard. He whispered in my ear, "I'm gonna kill you!" I giggled. "Just wait till later." He said.

The drive to Nicole's was long. Luke got lost along the way. When we got there she asked if we just wanted to stay at her house and just order pizza. We all agreed. We ordered three pizzas. Two with just cheese and one with pepperoni. The pizza came and the boys ate most of it. Nicole and I only had one slice each. After that, Nicole offered everyone a beer. Her parents were on vacation and there were beers in the refrigerator. She figured she could replace them later, without her parents knowing. Everyone was drinking, even though I never drank. After an hour of drinking, everyone was really drunk. Michael and I stumbled up to Nicole's room. The music downstairs blasted, and you could feel the floor vibrate a bit. "Let's finish what you started." He said. I was too drunk to care about being in someone else's room. I would never usually do something like this. You could see the bulge in his pants, I thought they were gonna tear open. He unzipped his tight black jeans, and pulled them down. Then his underwear. His hard dick burst out, it looked bigger than it had before. I wanted him so bad. I get on my knees and wrap my hands around him, I'd never done this before so I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to do. I ran my hands over it and looked up at him. He nodded at me. I closed my eyes and wrap my mouth around it, I slowly twirl my tongue around his head. He softly moans. I kept going until he came. I let him cum in my mouth as he moaned so loudly. His warm cum flooded into my mouth, I forced it down my throat and smiled up at him.

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