Alice is forced to move in with her aunt in Australia. But she quickly finds out that she has the cutest neighbor ever, Michael Clifford. What will happen between them?


17. 17

I woke up that morning, Michael's arms wrapped tightly around me. He was awake. "Good morning, love. You look beautiful." He smiled his gorgeous smile. "Good morning, babe!" I kissed him on the cheek. He sat up and got on top of me. He pinned me down and kissed me. "I love you." He said quickly in between kisses. "I love you more." I said back.

"Last night was fun. Wasn't it?" He asked, still holding himself over me. "Yes, it was lovely." I said.

"We have to do it again. Sometime soon. Preferably really soon." He winked and we both giggled.

"I wouldn't mind."

He got off of me and said, "So, what do you want to do today?"

"Anything you want to do."

"I don't know. I kind of just want to stay in." He sighed, but I liked that idea.

A few minutes later, he jumped off the bed. "I want to show you something. Hold on." He walked out of the room and closed the door, winking as he walked out. I heard him running down the stairs, then he opened a door and came running back upstairs.

He slowly opened the door, with a black and white guitar in his hands. He sat next to me on the bed and started playing the guitar. "I never told you I was in a band." I already knew, but I acted surprised. He giggled and started playing. The song went like this:

She sits at home with the lights out, seeing life in different colours. I think it’s time that we wake up. So let me take you away. We can run down the street, with the stars in our eyes. We can tear down this town, in the dark of the night. Just open the door, we’ve got time on our side. We can make it out alive.

Hey we’re taking on the world, I’ll take you where you wanna go. Pick you up if you fall to pieces, let me be the one to save you. Break the plans we had before. Let’s be unpredictable. Pick you up if you fall to pieces, let me be the one to save you.

I started clapping. We both wore huge smiles, he was blushing. I didn't expect him to be that good.

"That was amazing!" I exclaimed.

"It wasn't the whole song, but.." His smile faded as he said. I looked down at my lap. "I loved it." I said.

"Do you know how to play?" He said, holding his guitar.

"No. I've barely touched a guitar in my life," I said. He held his guitar out to me, and nodded telling me to take it.

I took it and held it with the bottom resting on my lap. It felt weird.

"You're holding it wrong!" He laughed.

"Then shut up and show me how!"

He got up and kneeled in front of me and positioned the guitar correctly in my hands, and started teaching me to play.

It was confusing, but he was determined to teach me. And I was determined to learn.

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