Sam is Michael's twin
Grace is Ashton's twin
Lillian is Luke's twin ( Liz is into coordination)
And Beth is Calum's twin, and they all go to the same school and they have the same classes. What happens when they meet? In DETENTION of all places


2. Character Descriptions

Im just going to do the girls because we all now what the guys look like!

Ok Sam first:

Full name: Samantha Lauren Clifford

Age: 16

Hair color: born Blonde, but dyed hair Blue and Pink

Eye color: blue and sometimes green

Personality: Punk or pop, don't judge

Extras: eyebrow piercing that she hides with her bangs and a love for bands like Bowling for soup and Blink182. She also has an obsession with converse


Full name: Grace Elizabeth Irwin

Age: 16

Hair color: light brown with curl

Eye color: Hazel

Personality: fun-Loving and Dorky

Extras: multiple ear piercings, thick framed sun glasses


Full name: Lillian Dianne Hemmings


Hair color: Bright Blonde

Eye color: Deep blue

Personality: sweet and quirky

Extras: a Bright pink lip piercing to match Luke's, and an obsession with socks


Full name: Bethany Tilda Hood

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