Blood Rose

Elizabeth Red or more known as Lisa is the toughest girl in the school. Takes nothing and gives nothing. She fights her way through, always has.
As Lisa goes through her normal life, what happens when one mysterious guy shows up and does anything and everything to get under her skin? What happens when she finds things she thought wasn't real, are true?


8. Late

I walk out of the class. 


"Yup, probably not on his good side."


I walk, heading towards Katrina's class. 


"Yo, Liza!" I turn around and see Haines. Why him? 


"What do you want, Haines?" I said resting up against my locker.


"Do you wanna hang now? Since you know it is the end of school." Haines says leaning in front of me.


"Move. Go to your girl, I don't want any misunderstandings here Haines." I said pushing him away from me. I trun around and open my locker, settling my books back into their space. 


"Nah, I'm just tryin' to hang out with my closest "girl" friend." He says winking.


"Well, I don't want to hang with you right now. I have some business to take care of with someone." I say. I turn around and start to walk for the parking lot.


"What? Who's this person you're talking about?" Haines grabs my arm and truns me around, forcing me to look at him.


"Can you let go? I have something to do." I glare at him and push his hands off of me. 


He drops his hand and turns his back towards me. "Whatever I'm busy now. See you later Liza." and he turns the corner and leaves my view.


I inhale. The hell is his problem? I shake my head and turn my ways back toward the parking lot. I need to find him. My shoes clack against the tiled floor, making it seem bigger than it actually was. I push through the doors and summer heat hits me like a fire. I look forward to see Shade settling against his car, looking at me. I squint my eyes to see him better and he smirks. I pause. Was he waiting for me? I walk for him and he waves. I feel my heart pound underneath and I could almost feel the hint of warmth cross my face. Why is it him? I stop only a couple inches from him, breathing in heavily from my speed walk. 


"Do you want something?" I ask coldly.


"Yeah." Shade says looking me in the face. His blue eyes captivate me once again. There not so much as ocean blue but not sky blue either. I wonder. My hand reaches up to his face subconsciously. He grins and I snatch my hands away, blushing. 


"Oh really? What is it that you want?" I say shrugging off what just happened. I stare again, but not at him. I look over his shoulder and stay looking there.


"You." He says. He wraps his hand around my waist and pulls me in towards his body. Fitting right in with his. Startled, I look at him, confused. But the one thing I will never admit is that I was kind of... happy. 


His arms encircled me and I was in love. His hand caressed my skin softly, sending shivers down my skin. 

"I love you."

"I love you too." 

The brush of his kiss-  


I pinch his cheek. "Don't try to pull your sleazy moves on me. I won't fall for them." I slip out of his grip. What was that just now? I looked at him and then back over his shoulder. My heart's beating fast. I press my hand over my chest casually and turn around.


"Do you wanna come with me Elizabeth?" Shade asks to my back.


I look over. "What did I say about calling me Elizabeth, Shade?" 


"Oh that's right, I have to call you Red. The lovely Red." He says soothingly I could almost feel it's touch over my skin. I shiver then.


"Do you wanna come with me?" Shade asked suddenly.


"Do I what?" I ask incredulously. I look at him bewildered. "Why would I go anywhere with you? Someone who takes advantage of someone and someone I just met?" I state.


"Because you feel something for me. I can tell." Shade says arrogantly. "Nothing to be surprised about, it happens a lot."


"Screw off, I don't need someone like you interrupting my peaceful way life." I say. I flick my hand towards him and turn my back on him. A hand snatches out and pulls me.


"But I want to." He says seriously. 


I felt tied then. I didn't want to leave him but I had to find Katrina and hang with her. It was like a tug of war. I looked down and felt his stare on me. 


"I'll go, but I'll beat the crap out of you if you pull any stunt like last time." I say grimly.


Shade smiled then. A careless, heart-warming smile with a hint of danger. I swallow down whatever that was stuck in my throat. My heart was beating faster again. I looked away and Shade laughed.


"Oh this will be fun." Shade said finally, pulling me into his truck. 


But what shocked me the most was that I let him and I didn't feel any guilt in doing this. I thought to Katrina, Sorry, just this once. 


And we left the parking lot.

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