Blood Rose

Elizabeth Red or more known as Lisa is the toughest girl in the school. Takes nothing and gives nothing. She fights her way through, always has.
As Lisa goes through her normal life, what happens when one mysterious guy shows up and does anything and everything to get under her skin? What happens when she finds things she thought wasn't real, are true?


6. Chapter 1 : Homeroom

Lisa's POV


Freaking HOMEROOM. Mrs. Lamb still isn't here. Katrina is in class with the girls from earlier. But with a respectful teacher. No worries there. Serious.

I look around the classroom and see the usual. People in their own groups formed in the beginning of the year. And of course me, who came in in the middle of the semester. The scent of cheap perfume filled the room with the sound of laughter. The clock was ticking right over my head, 9:45.

Where's this lady at? 

The door flew open. Mrs. Lamb walked in with her book close to her test. A flushed look crept along her face. Flushed? She shuffled her feet to the desk and set her books down above and looked up. She had a soft glaze covering her eyes. 

"Kids, I'd like to welcome a new student." She elongated the "l" in like and smiled a brief smiled. She ushered him in and and a pair of long legs walked in. The room was hushed. The guy that walked in was handsome. Almost too handsome, whispers fluttered in the air. Everyone had their eyes on the new kid. Even me. But not because he was beautiful. He was the guy from last night. The guy from my dreams. I breathe heavily. The seat next to me was vacant and the only seat open. I shot up from my chair.

"I'd like to move my seat, please. Carter, switch seats with me." I said. Carter looked at me, about to say yes.

"No. I want him sitting next to me." said his partner and pulled Carter down to sit back next to him.


I sat down. It was no use, no one was going to let me sit with them, and separate from their friends. I look back up and the new kid was looking at me. I stared back and glared. What? He smiled a great smile full of whites surrounded by full lips. I frown. He smiles even bigger. 

"Drake you can sit over there with Mrs.Red." She pointed at me and touched his arm. Bitch. 

"Will do, oh by the way, my name is Drake shade,I'm new and I just moved here." That was it. He was now walking over to me, striding more like. He reached me in less than three steps. God how tall is he. 

I felt stares on me and I looked up. Everyone was staring. Not at me necessarily, but at him. Drake. The girls were staring at me, envious. Not me I wished i was the farthest person away from him. 

"May I sit here?" Drake said close enough to make me shiver.

I looked up at him and gave him my best smirk. With a little hint of glare. Or maybe a lot of it. "Obviously, this is were you were assigned to sit." 

"Feisty, I like it."

"I don't care."

"You will."

"No I won't."

He smirked and sat down. But not without me glancing at his chest. Strong muscles rippled through his tight black t-shirt. Muscular but lean. My type. But not him. Definitely not him. He caught me staring and I looked away. I felt a brush of heat cross my face. Dammit I'm blushing. I looked straight ahead to the board.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" I shouted to the teacher.

"Ah, yes, students books are due by the end of this month. Since school will be ending soon, we have to get you guys ready for the carnival at the end."

Finally. One more month. I glanced over at Drake to find him staring at me. 

"Why did you come in so late?"

"I just moved here."

"But-no never mind."

"Ask all the questions you like Red."

I glared. "No one calls me Red, no one, especially someone i have no intention of knowing anything about."

He grinned. He was laughing. I on the other hand wasn't. "Is something funny?" 

"You are really something." Drake looked at me and smiled his great smile, that could make flowers bloom.


"Anytime." He said and set his arm on the desk, to look upfront.

"-so that is what you guys will be doing for the rest of the school year. Your partners are already decided. They will be the people you are currently siting with them."

Gasps and some whining happened. I cursed, Some glares were given to me because I was partnered up with now the hottest guy in school. Yippee. Sarcasm intended.

"Well you heard her right. Major project due soon. I guess were gonna have to see each other out of school huh?" 

"Hell no, Shade."

"Oh? Shade? Why not Drake?" He said smirking.

"Because I don't want to be on a first name base with you." 

"Hmm, okay i Guess I'll call you Red."

"Listen you call me Lisa."


I glared for probably the 50th time. "Yes."

Then you call me by Drake."


"Then Red." 

Gah. Childish. "Whatever, you call me that."

"That's what i thought."

"Don't get too full of yourself Shade. I don't know what you're planning but I haven't forgotten what you did to me last night."

"Oh, so you do remember. That's good."

"The hell, how is that good?! You practically assaulted me!"

"Oh, I guess you could say I did. But the thing is you enjoyed it." His eyes were gleaming with laughter. And an intimacy too strong for me to handle.

I smiled. And it was pleasant. "Did not, I don't think I have and inch of attraction for you."

"Now, don't lie to yourself, Red." He lifted his hand to my hair and slightly pulled a brown piece of hair out of it's place. "You should keep your hair down, you're much more beautiful that way." His voice was like velvet. Silky against my skin. I shuddered, but it wasn't from being uncomfortable. It was something entirely different. 

I smacked his hand away." Don't touch me so carelessly, I'm not some easy tramp you can hit up on the corner of some street,"

"Oh yes I know that all too well. The struggle for getting you is hard. That is true." He smiled, but it was filled with longings, sadness. No it wasn't I must be seeing things.

I heard the bell ring. My heart was racing, but it wasn't his looks that did it. Well I guess, that's a little untrue, but it was the sound of his voice. The look on his face pulled at me. 

"Well, I'll be going first." I lifted my bag across my shoulder and moved out of my seat. I got up to fast and my boot caught on the side of the desk and I tripped. Almost. I brought my arm down to catch myself. Safe. Drake was suddenly standing up. Towering over me. Which doesn't really mean anything. I'm 5'3.

I strained my neck to look at him. He was looking down at me with something I couldn't put into words. I said straightening myself out. "Don't worry I caught myself. Stronger than I look."

"Yes you always think that."


No, nothing." and he left. 

And I stood there watching his lean silhouette leave out the classroom and out of my si

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