Blood Rose

Elizabeth Red or more known as Lisa is the toughest girl in the school. Takes nothing and gives nothing. She fights her way through, always has.
As Lisa goes through her normal life, what happens when one mysterious guy shows up and does anything and everything to get under her skin? What happens when she finds things she thought wasn't real, are true?


5. Chapter 1 : Friend

3rd POV


Buzz. Buzz. Buzz

Lisa turned to her side bring the covers with her. 

Break up, Make-up, total waste of time .....- 

She tosses her blanket aside and open her eyes. A hint of sunlight slits through the crack of the curtain. She sat up and set her feet to the ground, adjusting to the coldness tingled her feet. She got up and walked to the bathroom door and felt a tingling on her stomach. Where he touched her. She lifted the hem of her shirt and looked down at the rose shaped scar she received last night. Her fingers run across the toughness of it.

"This is from last night. It wasn't a dream."  She collected.

She remembered everything. So vivid as if it was just now that it happened. His breath on her cheek, his warmth. Something fluttered in her as she remembered the thought of her in his arms, fitting himself next to herself. And she remembered she kicked him. There.

What a strange guy.

What am I talking about? He deserved it.

She stripped her clothes off and hopped into the shower welcoming the hot water falling against her bare skin. The warmness heated up her body in this cold house. 


What should I wear? Dress? Jeans? Dress with stockings?

Clapping her hands together, she rummaged through her drawers and pulled out black stockings. 


Lisa skipped over to the closet and pulled out a red dress. It was hand made from her grandma, cotton made, perfect for the beginning of fall. The little swirly lines at the bottom of this dress made it just her style.

She slipped everything on. Undergarments, stockings, dress and jacket. And Boots.

Do I need make-up? ...... No I'm good. 

Running out, she grabbed her bag and the keys of the wall -

"Love you Grandma, I'll eat breakfast at school!!" She shouted from the door.

Without waiting for a response, Lisa shut the door and ran to the car, already late.


Parking lot is full. 

Dammit. Every time.

She drove her car to the back and parked there. Slamming the door she walked her way to the front.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," a quiet voice whispers to her side.

Lisa spins around. The door to the boiler room was open and there was a couple of silhouettes standing there. Lisa crept behind the stone wall to peek over.

"You think we care that you're sorry? You really are stupid." The tall girl in the front speaks up.

"I gave you what you asked, I didn't do anything w..wrong." her voice was trembling.

The room was dark but there was enough light to peek at the faces. Alina Sweet and her groupie. Lisa looked down to the person on the floor. Katrina. She squint her eyes. 

Why is it always her? 

Lisa rolled her eyes. This is pointless.... as she turned around, she heard crying. Lisa turned back and looked closely at Katrina. She was crying, with a busted lip.

"I just don't like girls like you. Pathetic, weak, the girl that always needs help." Alina says, as if saying those words disgusted her, she spits right next to Katrina.

She kicks Katrina over, causing her to fall in the buckets. The three girls laugh at Katrina picking herself up. 

Stay down.

She doesn't

Ugh. Walk away, it has nothing to do with you.

Her stomach flipped uncomfortably. Damn.

"The hell are you doing to her?" Lisa says flipping her hair over her shoulder and giving Alina her best glare.

She walked in front of Katrina and looked Alina in her face. Katrina stayed there in shock. Alina didn't budge. Hmm.

"I don't think this concerns you know, does it Rose." she said calmly.

Lisa smirks, "Oh really, hey Katrina are they messing with you, if yes shake your head."I paused to look at her.

Katrina looked between Alina and I, wary to choose a side. Lisa looked at Katrina again, and she looked at me. She slowly nodded her head.

"You little prick" Alina hisses, she raised her hand to slap her in the face. Katrina flinched back. Lisa moved in front of Katrina. She brought her fist up to Alina's face, colliding it, fist to face. Alina stumbled backwards and moved her hand to her cheek.

"You wanna try again? I'll make sure you won't be able to get up out of this room." Lisa said hungrily.

She glared at Lisa and walked out the back door with her friends following behind her.

Lisa felt a tug at her dress and turned around. Katrina was standing up now, only reaching up to her chin. I looked her in the face and crying had left her eyes red and dry.

"Well since you now made the right decision to nod at me, you have now made some enemies. Although you seem so quiet, huh? " Lisa said taking a few steps back.

"Well I have to take responsibility for you now. Okay look," Lisa pulls her out of the boiler room and fixed her up a little, "I'm gonna help you, so you'll be sticking around me and Me with you. No matter what. ........ You know you are kinda helpless, but I think that's what tugging at me for you."

Lisa looked Katrina in the eyes and they glazed over with a sheet of tears. "Don't cry." Lisa wiped her face with her sleeve. "You don't have a reason to cry anymore."

Lisa walked away to the front doors--

"Ah, by the way you're in all my classes besides two," I smirk "so ,let's go." Lisa gave her a smile and Katrina blushed and looked down, a smile tugging at her lips.

Lisa continued walking, with Katrina right beside her.

"Thank you." Katrina whispers.

I chuckle, "Don't worry about it, we're friends now." I say looking forward. 

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