Blood Rose

Elizabeth Red or more known as Lisa is the toughest girl in the school. Takes nothing and gives nothing. She fights her way through, always has.
As Lisa goes through her normal life, what happens when one mysterious guy shows up and does anything and everything to get under her skin? What happens when she finds things she thought wasn't real, are true?


2. Chapter 1 : Day 1

I kick my foot up and set it on Katrina's desk.                     
"The hell did you say?" Lisa said cocking her head to the side

Katrina sits straight up knocking over her school books onto the floor.

"I didn't say anything." She whispers.

"Oh really? Nothing at all? I think I misheard what you said. What I recall was that you said I was a bitch that thought that she was badder than everyone else ? "

I look around to the peers looking over.

"Did you guys not hear this too? 
I think this little girl has more of a backbone than others think. "

Lisa smirks at the girl sitting before her. Katrina was trembling in her seat averting her eyes everytime Lisa caught them. I set my foot down back on the ground.
I leaned over her desk to were only she could hear, 

  "Next time you have something to say say it to my face, you got that, trin? " I growl,  tugging on the end of her blonde tip.

I got up and walked away back into my seat, right before the bell rings. The teacher walks in and class starts , just like nothing happened.

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