Blood Rose

Elizabeth Red or more known as Lisa is the toughest girl in the school. Takes nothing and gives nothing. She fights her way through, always has.
As Lisa goes through her normal life, what happens when one mysterious guy shows up and does anything and everything to get under her skin? What happens when she finds things she thought wasn't real, are true?


7. Chapter 1 : continued

My 1st period was the usual, same goes for the 2nd and 3rd. Now it was the last period of the day. My favorite class, History of Romanticism. The teacher was Mr. Smith, he was my favorite teacher also. I walked through the door and glanced up at him. 

"Hey Smith." I said saluting to him.

"Hey Elizabeth." The only one who actually uses my full name.

I walked to his desk to put my paper on his desk. " What are we doing today?" I ask.

"You'll see when I start to teach. Now head over to your seat, I don't want you stealing anything of mine important."

I gasp. "ME? Steal? I could never."

He chuckled. " Get going."

I grinned and headed to the seat where my usual seat was, by the window. It was the best seat in the room. Since our school was surrounded by a massive garden, kind of like a moat but with flowers. The flowers would reach over the windows and bloom. Red roses blossomed out there. Yes the rose is my favorite flower if you may ask. 

"Look at her, sitting there so casually." people behind me were saying something.

I turned around to see them all looking at me.

"May I help you?" I said.



"She thinks too highly of herself, just because she gets to sit with the new kid."

Ah, there it was the natural state of hating someone even more because of jealousy. I ignored it. No use getting kicked out of this class. I didn't want to leave.

"Is she ignoring us now?"



Murmurs continuing.

I got up. "If you want to say something, do it to me, and get this over with. Nothing is gonna change with you just talking behind my back. I glared and walked over to where they were sitting.

"Don't think too highly of yourself just because you got to sit next to the new kid." said a girl just a tad bit shorter than me.

"And what if I don't?" I asked, waiting for her to say something.

"Do we really have to tell you what would happen?" Now it was the tallest of the girls standing up. I wasn't scared of height, I just straightened my back and looked her up in the eye.

My temper was coming out. "Huh? You think you can fight me? Alone or with your little crew?" There were 5 people, 2 boys and 3 girls.

"You wouldn't stand a chance." The tall one snarled.

"Oh, I could take all of you."

The short one stood up and shoved her leg towards my shin.

"Is there a problem girls?" Mr. Smith said.

The little one paused. " No sir, no troubles happening over here."

He looked at me. " Elizabeth?"

"Nope, got everything under control over here." I was still staring at her, smirking.

"Then get in your seats."

I moved back to my seat and got my book out and Smith started talking.

"Now I know you all know there is a new kid in school. He will be in this class. He has gone home for now." Smith looked at me and nodded. Uh, what?

"Elizabeth you will be helping him get caught up in this class."

"WHAT!?" I stood up and looked at him.

"Is there a problem with that, Miss Red?" Smith narrowed his eyes at me, but he was the opposite of mad. He was trying not to laugh.

I glared at him. My mind was going blank from all this.

"No. No problem." and I sat back down, turning my head to the flowers beside me.

"Good, now let's carry on with class."


"We are now in the 15th and 16th century. Everyone flip to page 548. Now you can say this era was a very big loving era. Everyone thinks of this era as just the time when everyone was king/queen, and Victorian gowns. But that's only for insolent people." He was talking happily. This was why he was my favorite. He cherished every part of this teaching.

The windows were open and the smell of roses filled my nose. I closed my eyes and imagined this era: Dancing, loyalty, love. My book was open to a picture of a man and woman sitting on a bed together with her neck exposed. She had her hands in his hair. Her chest pressed against his. He looked sadly at her. His arms were encircling her body tightly. There were so many emotions in this painting. It was almost heart-wrenching. Almost.

My mind was leaving. I felt it. I imagined myself in this age. White gown loosely falling down in ripples across my body. My hair was curled. But my skin was lighter and my eyes were more icy blue than normal. I was walking over to someone. A man. I called out a name. And he turned around.

I jerked back up to the sound of someone smacking my desk.

"Is my class really that boring Miss Red.?"

"Uh... no. Sorry."

And he walked away. Great Job Lisa.




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