Blood Rose

Elizabeth Red or more known as Lisa is the toughest girl in the school. Takes nothing and gives nothing. She fights her way through, always has.
As Lisa goes through her normal life, what happens when one mysterious guy shows up and does anything and everything to get under her skin? What happens when she finds things she thought wasn't real, are true?


4. Chapter 1 : continued

Placing my bag over my shoulder, I turn around and look down at my favorite class this semester. Historian Love. Mr. Smith, the teacher was my favorite teacher. He described every line of the stories with such fineness. Mr. Smith helped me with s lot but he was fair. Other teachers should be like him. I sigh. "No point going now, he won't let me in. The bastard." I mumble walking past his class without looking over my shoulder. My eyes look straight to the front doors and I run out. Straight to my Chevy 1980, parked at the end of the parking lot. Track sure helped with my legs, which i'm grateful for. I pounded on the asphalt and stopped at the trunk. The black paint on my car glistened from the sun shining on it. I smiled, this was my baby. I popped open the trunk and threw my bag in the back and slammed the lid with a bang. I slid to the front and hopped into the drivers seat. Pulling my car out of the lot, one place was calling for me. I went straight for it. The woods, my woods. The one good thing about my life. No one other than myself knows about this place. "Gonna keep it that way too." I say to myself. I drive on the trail. Hanging tree branches filled with green leaves, covered the sky like a canopy. My car bumps up on the road. Rocks and roots cover the path I made. I roll down my windows and let the wind carry in the smell of the earth. I laugh. This is the best. The lake at the bottom of the hill fills up with memories of me and my family. We jump off the rock at the side and land with a splash at the end. We laugh and finish the day off with a camp fire. A tear rolls down my face and I catch it with my hand so quick, it doesn't even reach my cheek. Not the time. I put my car in park a couple of yards away from the hill and grab my drawing book. I jog down the hill and stop at the beginning of the lake. I scan the lake over and over again with my eyes. Beautiful clear water, fishes swimming in hurdles, and the reflection of the trees and sky on the top layer of the water. I throw a rock into the water, and ripples of the water form from large to minor movements. "Okay that's good, got my fill." I say walking over to the closest tree trunk near me. I sit down and pull out my book filled with my notes and pictures. I flip to a new page and pull out my sketching pencil. Now, what to draw ? I lean back and close my eyes. Something.... land, dream, face, blue eyes, silver hair. I gasp. HIM. I stroke my hand across the rough paper and outline his features first. His eyes that droop at the corners, his slender nose, his full lips, so full, and smooth. His tall frame and lean body. The way his hands looked like carvings with such grace. Blue eyes, such ice blue eyes looking right at me. That smile. Lost in my thoughts, I realize it's already dusk. I look over the trees to see the sun just touching the horizon, leaving a pink sky mixed with strays of purple. "Time to go." I lift myself up and close my book, without looking at the drawing i just did. Too carried away. My dreams felt so vivid, I felt like he was real, his lips calling my name with no sound. His touch with no feeling or warmth. I sighed. Walking up the hill, I continue on hopping on top of the roots to my car. The car door was open, and I threw my things in the vehicle, thudding against the door and falls on the ground. I pull my phone out and look at the time. 9:26 pm "Shit, grandma's gonna be worried." I throw my phone into the car and go around the door to slide in. music playing The wind picks up a soft sound. "That sounds like a harmonica." I look up into the trees and it stops playing. I look straight ahead and there is nothing. I hear another sound but it's not the pleasant sound I just heard. It sounded like ... laughing. A man's laugh. I walk closer to the edge of the forest. "Who's out there?" silence "Listen, if you're trying to scare me, you chose the wrong girl." more silence. "I'll kick your ass, punk!" I shout. I clench my fist and dart deeper into the woods. Deeper , Deeper. My breath becomes heavy. My side clenches up and I moan. I stop after awhile, looking from side to side. "Well look at my luck. I'm lost." I shiver from the cold touching the open skin my clothes don't cover. "phone, phone." I reach into my pocket, "Left it in the car. So smart. Worst day so far." I hear a tree branch crack behind me and I turn around. Turning too quick I almost tripped over one of the large roots. I look forward and see a black shad- no a person, standing, now walking towards me. I regain myself and walk back. Okay if I think this through, if I head back now, I could possibly outrun this person. thunk I feel behind me- "Of course a tree.. how realistic." I throw my hands up in the air. The person doesn't stop. My heart beats around my chest, clam down. He stops right in front of me only inches away from me and I can feel the heat radiating from his body. "Nice to meet you, Elizabeth." rolling off with an unknown accent. He reaches his hand across my stomach and traces something on it. The left trail of his touch burns and I gasp and fall over. Strong arms wrap around me and encircle me. I jerk up and look up at the face. My heart flutters, pleasantly, unpleasantly, I'm not sure. Blue eyes. Silver hair circling his face, high cheekbones, pale skin. Its' him. I shake. It can't be, he's a dream, not real. I squirm my way out, but all that does is bring his body closer to mine. Fitting right in with me, my body reacts strangely to his. Happily. And I kick him in the balls. "Don't fuck with me pervert.!" I yell over my shoulder. I run as fast as I can back to the car- "I've only just started." and warm air hits my cheek. I need to go home, and I bolt through the darkness, filled with trees and other creatures that lived here. With me as a trespasser. I run straight to my car door and start the engine and it comes to life. Leaving the woods behind I started to walk home.
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