Sally is a little girl who lives on the streets. Everything seems like their is no hope until one day her life changes.......


7. Time can fly

Harry's pov:

I can't believe I'm in a band now this is huge. I was just a boy in Cheshire baking bread and singing my heart out. I never thought that I would have made it onto the X- Factors and get put into a band!!! It didn't matter any more to though because It happened to me. Know I was in One Direction with my best mates.

Louis Tomlison- He's the funny one in the group

Niall Horan- He's the Irish one in the band and he's really nice

Liam Payne- He loves to read and is kind of a party pooper

Zayn Malik- He is an amazing artist and really good friend

then the last but not least member of our lovely band would be me

Harry Styles- The lads all call me the flirt of the band but to be honest their is only one girl on my mind all the time. I just don't know her name.

Well that's every one the whole band and I love every one of them their my best mates.

"Harry come down stairs their a girl who says she thinks she knows you!!!" That's weird I don't remember calling any one over today. I went down stairs to see Louis giving me a cheeky smile. "What are you smiling about Louis?" "Well theirs a girl here for you so what do you think I'm smiling at." I laughed and walked over to the door.

When I opened the door I stood their shocked as the girl shyly ran to hug me. "Do you know who I am Harry?" I had images of a scared little girl sleeping in a box flash through my head. Pictures of me talking to her before and after the fire. I burst into tears and pulled her closer to me Sally you remembered me!!!"


*This is what Sally looks now when she saw Harry*

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