Sally is a little girl who lives on the streets. Everything seems like their is no hope until one day her life changes.......


11. The call

Sally's pov:

I was still living on the streets and I still went  to go and visit Harry's house when ever I felt like it. I don't know what I thought would happen. I knew that he wasn't their cause no one lived their any more. Yet I would go their every day and cold nights I would go inside the house and imagine what his life must have been like. I would imagine him siting down with his family to eat and inviting me to come sit with me. I would imagine us putting up the tree for Christmas like I saw him do so many times before. Then on the days when I felt really alone I would go up the room with blue walls and just imagine him tucking me into bed every night and telling me that I had a place in their family. I would smile at the thoughts like this.

You know I'm going to visit his house again. I walked over to his old house bare foot in the freezing snow. I opened the door and walked inside pretending that It was nice and cozy and their was fire running when in real life it was freezing inside the house. I jumped when I heard the phone ring. "I didn't think that those worked any more." I said to my self as if I was talking to some one else. I slowly walked over to the phone and picked it up.

* phone call*

Person: Hello is any one their?

Sally: *breathing*

Person: Hello?

Sally: Um...hello who is this?

Person: *talking to people in background*

Sally: Hello?

Person: I'm still here *yells at some one in back ground again* I'm Liam. Who is this?


Liam: Hello? Are you still their?

Sally: My n-na-nam-name is Sally

Liam: *silence*

*phone shuffles to some one else*


Sally: Yes...who is this?

Person: It's me Sally Harry


Harry: I missed you so much Sally where are you I just have to see you again

*crying as phone drops*

Harry: Sally? Sally are you all right?

Sally: *no response*

Harry: Sally!!!!

*Phone hangs up*

I sat down pressed up against the wall crying. Did that just happen? Did I just talk to the boy named Harry again.....

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