Sally is a little girl who lives on the streets. Everything seems like their is no hope until one day her life changes.......


12. Im comeing home

Harry's pov:

3 weeks later

I called Management and told them about what had happened and asked them if me and the lads could take off for a while. They where very understanding and agreed to let us have off. I was up stairs packing my bag and so where the lads. Louis was the first one done as he told us about a million times. "Where are we going to exactly?" Liam asked me looking at me like I didn't know that I was doing. "Where going back to where it all started my old house." I looked at Liam a  serious look on my face. I am going to find you and bring you home. I promise I will Sally.  Niall looked at me unsure still. "What are you going to do when you do find Sally Harry? What if she doesn't want to come back with you? What if she's happy where she is? Then what?" I looked at Niall and thought about this. He had a good point.

I looked around seeing the others where waiting to see what I would say to Niall. I sighed and looked at him. "Then I'll have to face the facts and let her go." Niall patted my back. "Ill be here for you no matter what Harry." I smiled at him and shook my head. "Come on guys enough talking we have a plan to catch!" They all nodded and we ran to the car.

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