Sally is a little girl who lives on the streets. Everything seems like their is no hope until one day her life changes.......


4. Home sweet Home

I took the boys hands because he refused to let me go home by self. The boy said his name was Harry. Harry also said that he was going to wait with me until mommy and daddy came home. Only thing was he can't... I looked up at Harry when we reached my home. He looked at me and said,"Why are stoping Sally?" I smiled at him.

"We stoping Hally because I home." He looked at me and then at the card board box then back at me. "I can't let you stay here Sally." I frowned as if to say why can't I.  "Sally tell me...Where are your parents at?" Harry asked me as he looked at me with a worried look on his face. I smiled at him and pointed to the sky. "Why are you pointing to the sky Sally?" I laughed as i said, "Hally that is where my mommy and daddy are right now. Their in heaven."

Harry looked at me as tear slipped down his cheek. "Did you used to live in a house before this?" I shook my head yes. "It was the big blue house next to yours Hally." He looked at me a smile on his face now. "You where the girl that lived by me! Do you remember me?! I was the boy you used to play with every day after school at home." I looked at him with a confused face.

"Never mind that come on Sally your going to live with me." He grabbed my hand as he started to lead me back to his house. I started to scream and kick until he finally let go of my hand. "What are you doing Sally?!" I looked at him tears running down my cheaks. "I won't go with you Hally. I have to wait for mommy and daddy. They promised they would come home. Mommy and Daddy never brake their promises to me." I stuck my tounge out at him and ran to my box where i hide under my blankets and waited for him to him leave.


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