Sally is a little girl who lives on the streets. Everything seems like their is no hope until one day her life changes.......


2. A house

One day when I was walking around I passed by my favorite house. In this house lives a boy with curly hair and bright green eyes. I love this house because of the family. They all get along and seem so happy all the time. Every time I saw them he would be their. That was why I loved the house so much. Sometimes I would even imagine what it would be like If  I grew up in that house with my mom and dad. Other times at night I would just wonder what my mom looked like. Daddy told me she was really pretty.

You see they both died when I was 2 just different times and different ways. Mommy died from a fire that happened at her work place. Daddy died saving me from drowning. I still feel like it was my fault they had to go. I miss them a lot. I wish that I could have spent one last Christmas with mommy and daddy and ben our doggy. I miss them all a lot.

Harry's pov:

I was helping mom and dad put up the Christmas tree when I heard what sounded like a little kid crying come from our side my house. When I walked over to the window I saw the little girl again. Every day at 3:00 she was come by my house and just look through the window. I felt bad for her and a bit worried. It made me wonder a lot where her parents were and what she was doing out side in the snow wondering around on her own. I never meet or talked to the little girl but the look of her size I could tell she was 4 years old. You know their was a little girl who lived across the street from me. She was only 4 years old to.

He name was Sally. She was so cute and she used to come over a lot with her mom and died. That is until her parents both passed away in those horrible accidents. I remember my mom coming home crying as she told me and dad that the little girls mom died in a fire and then again when we heard her father drowned to death. I had rushed over to her house that day to see if she was okay  only when I got to her house where I was sure she would be was  Ben their golden retiver. I brought him home with me that day and told my mom about what had happened. She started to cry even more because she promised she would look after her daughter.

We had all just assumed that she drowned that day with her dad but I liked to believe that she could still be alive some where. Who knew maybe she was the little girl out side my window.

When ever the boy comes to see me its time to go. I want to talk to him but not just yet. Mommy always  told me that one day I would get to wear a princess dress. I don't want to talk to him until I am a princess just like mommy said I would be.


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