Sally is a little girl who lives on the streets. Everything seems like their is no hope until one day her life changes.......


3. A boy and A girl

Harry's pov:

I woke up the next day rushed down stairs I couldn't wait for today! It was Christmas Eve which meant tomorrow was Christmas! As I was running down stairs for breakfast I saw that the little girl was back again and she looked really hungry. So as soon as I was done eating I took some food that was left over and bro. ght it out side to her. I opened the door and she ran and hid watching my every move. "You can come out I wont hurt you. I just brought you some food to eat. You looked like you were hungry. My name is Harry what's yours?"

The little girl came out a little bit from where she was hiding. I held the food out to her as she took it from me and started to eat. She looked up at me with food smeared on her face. "My name is *chewing food* Sally." I smiled at her as she chewed on her food. "Nice to meet you Sally. Aren't you cold?" She shook her head yes as she swallowed her food. "I am but I promised mommy and daddy that I would wait for them. I looked her not sure what to do. "Well where do you live Ill wait with you." So the little girl took my hand and led me to were she lived.

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