Unpredictable [Harry Styles]

How can someone who abuses illegal substances, drinks on every single night of the week and is "known" for breaking every girl's heart be a virgin?
That is exactly what Harry Styles is known for, well, except for the last part.


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

 Walking into the basement of this large house, the atmosphere was stuffy since the room was filled to the rime with people and the smell of smoke and alcohol lingered in the air giving it an also claustrophobic feel to the space which almost made me wanna barf from the smell alone.

 Wearing my favourite black knee high dress with small white flowers scattered across the surface, I know I do not belong and I know from the looks I get from the people around the basement as they notice what I have too. It's not like I knew I would be here watching a blood fight. But my life has been never as I planned so why was I actually surprised, also considering my best friend Lacey would talk non stop about these fights.

 "Have you ever been to one of these before in the states Beth?" my best friend Lacey yelled close to my ear as she held onto my arm with her other arm hugging against her boyfriend, afraid we would separate because of the crowd. Mostly for her benefit since she hates being in large crowds.

 "No" I yell back over the constant shouting of bets being thrown from viewers to staff as money gets exchanged between the two. "I'm really interested and excited though" I added as we push through the never ending crowd to try and get a good view of the stage.

 Looking around there was a prominent area that held the sights of every spectator in the room, which was the main reason why I came as a third wheel to Lacey and her boyfriend Zac who happen to be close friends with one of the fighters tonight, hence us all going in the first place.

 As we neared the commentators box which is positioned in the middle of the room giving a good view of the ring, Zac suddenly turns to whispers something into Lacey's ear which I couldn't catch but can guess. When she nods,

he let's go of her hand and she latches onto me with her arms, suffocating me. 

 "Lacey it's ok" I cotted into her ear as Zac climbs up a few feet to reach the box and speaks into the man with the microphone ear. It's crazy that she is still scared of these events when she's been to previous multiple times with this time being my first. "Shouldn't I be holding onto you not the other way around?" I questioned Lacey trying to lighten the mood just a tiny bit, which worked when she let out a giggle.

 "Just wait. It will get worst when the match starts and we can hold onto one another" she sighed back as the lights dimed just in time for Zac to come down. "I'm so glad that your back Beth, after all these years." she whispers into my ear as she let go of me to fall back into his arms.

 Her words made me smile and lucky to have a friend in her since I put her through a lot of things in the past. A few years ago both my parents split because of complications and lies they had between one another but to be honest they weren't to good for each other anyways, since they only stayed together because of me. However, things boiled overtime and they thought it was better to end it which I am thankful for because they were never happy together and they just kept dragging one another down. With there break up (since they were never married), mum decided to leave the UK altogether and take me with her to start a new life, which lead me to never saying a proper good bye to Lacey even though we kept in touch on Facebook. 

 Years later when I finally turned 18 and legal, I decided to move back close to my dad once I was accepted into The University of Manchester, even though it's an hours drive away and I was so glad Lacey decided to come to Manchester also since she got accepted into University's that were potential higher in education than Manchester. 

 Grabbing her hand, I smiled at her which she returned understanding that I was never good at words.

 "Welcome everyone," the commentator with the dirty blonde hair yelled into the blow horn. "If you had a wonderful day it's only ever going to get better. My name is Leo and I will be the host of the evening. Even though this is technically illegal, shhh," he said as he pushes one finger to his lips, "there are still rules that need to be abide by or you will get beaten up if you so wish to break them and that means all you ladies as well, shut up f**kers do you want to get kicked out?" Leo shouted as people started to dispense and chatter. Once everyone quieted down he went on,"so watch out. No helping the fighters at anytime or you will be both bashed and kicked out without your betting's and guess what the money goes to me so do as you wish. Lastly when the fighters step into the ring there is no rules whatsoever so if you are squeamish leave the room now" as he says that people start shuffling around and some start to leave. I know it was just words and he doesn't really mean that so it was surprising to see people actually listened to him by leaving, looking back up at him I can see the same surprised look.

 "Anyways, let me introduce the competitor that comes from Sheffield, Dean Sobers!" 

 There were both cheers and boos coming from each side of the room as a spotlight is pointed to my right. The man was quite big and meaty as he bounced from one leg to the next whilst punching the smoky area in front of him as he descends to the ring. 

 When Dean steps over the top rope of three Leo announces the next competitor. "We all know who he is but I'm going to introduce him anyways because frankly he scares the crap out of me. The only and only Harry Styles!" 

 Everyone in the room roared in applause including both Lacey and Zac as the spotlight moves to the left when a hooded small figure steps into the light. He has very noticeable tattoos running up his left arm, with all the tattoos looking both random and like they were tatted on when he was drunk so in random positions which makes me chuckle. He both does the same routine as Dean but before he steps into the ring he removes his hood and jacket and he jumps into the ring showing his back to me so I couldn't see his face. 

 After the bell rings and the match starts I start to head to the ring pushing anyone who got in my way as everyone started jumping up and down to get a good view blocking mine. I look back to seeing both Zac and Lacey visibly shouting my named but it can't be heard through the loud shouts of others close to me but I hold up my hand to tell them I'm alright. 

 Once I get close enough I finally get to have a good look at Harry's face. He had noticeable curly hair as a bandana was wrapped around his head to collect the sweat that threaten to fall under his quick dodges and swings he was giving to Dean. I'm guessing his eye colour is brown since it is dark and is a blur as he swipes fast and efficient. 

 As the match rolls on and intensifies, at this point Dean can not get a good hit on Harry but as I felt a arm tug my dress a few times, Dean grabs Harry and slams him onto the floor punching him a couple of times as Harry shields his face with his arms which makes me flinch in hurt. 

 "What are you doing Beth?" Zac scolded me as Lacey put her arms around me. 

 "I'm here to see a match aren't I?" I questioned both of them rhetorically, "I couldn't see from back there."

 "You are crazy," Lacey whipserly yelled in my ear as I turned around again. 

 Looking back, Dean has drawn blood as Harry keeps hammering him with punches. How did this turn around? I swear he was on the floor a second ago and about to lose.
 As Dean starts to move back to protect himself, Harry draws his right arm back and hits dean for the last time as he falls back in a victory when the room falls into silents.

 "Harry Styles is victorious" Leo screamed through the microphone which confirmed everyone's suspicion when the room erupts in cheers.

 Once everyone disperse to either collect there money or leave I walk up to the ring close to the exiting stairs of the ring to see if Dean was in fact alright, which he was as his team mates, I guessed, are lifting him up and asking if he was alright which he nodded in reply.

 As I turned around planning on going to meet up with Lacey, I hit the side of the ring and I dropped both my bag and the contents on the floor, clumsy me is back. Crouching down, I start picking up everything and putting it inside my bag as a bandaged and blooded hand comes into view which makes me fall down on my arse and look up. 


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