Talk 2 U In Text

This is a modern day romance with two high schoolers who's about to go to college. Daisy and Nicholas lived miles away from each other and met each other online in a chatting room by accident. Daisy lived in New York. She's a straight A student with a quiet peaceful life. Nicholas lived in California. He's a B average student with a noisy life. How does two people from different places meet and how do they love each other with such different personalities?


1. ShadowX_14

                                                              Nicholas's Point Of View

          Living in New York isn't easy. At least, that's what everybody said. I tried to make the best out of my life. I smiled all the time and joked around too. My parents worked very hard and comes home very late at night. On occasions, they would come home to spend time with me but that was only once in a while. I became more and more lonely and I found comfort by laughing during school.


          At home, I find comfort talking to a girl that I accidentally met online. Her chat name is ShadowX_14. I been talking to her for half a month already. She's very funny and smart. She haven't told me exactly where she live but I could tell that she lived somewhere in the United States. I met her in chat room 145. Chat room 145 is a chat room that was set up for everybody. It's a chat room that you can enter and chat without knowing who you're talking to. This made everything very interesting so I decided to try it and that's how I met her. Anyway, we had a chat there and I found her very funny. The most important thing that I notice in her was her understanding. She understood me and comforted me. I really want to get to know her better but I'm afraid that she would think that I'm a stalker. So far, we kept it simple. We never really talk about ourselves. We would talk about just homework and then it turn into something more exciting. I am truly happy talking to her. My only wish right now would be to meet her. I really need to meet her. Especially right now.....

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