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This is a modern day romance with two high schoolers who's about to go to college. Daisy and Nicholas lived miles away from each other and met each other online in a chatting room by accident. Daisy lived in New York. She's a straight A student with a quiet peaceful life. Nicholas lived in California. He's a B average student with a noisy life. How does two people from different places meet and how do they love each other with such different personalities?


2. One more year


       My name's Daisy Rolan. I was named Daisy Waine but my mother re-married. I'm still called Daisy Waine in my school record. I live by myself in a quiet apartment not far from my high school. I don't have many friends because of my cold expressions. I wasn't always like this. I used to be a very funny and outgoing girl but in 7th grade, everything changed. My parent started to yell a lot. They would get into fights. Finally, when I graduated from 7th grade, they divorced. Mom rarely came home after the divorce. She would work very late everyday. I decided to dedicate myself to getting a good education after the divorce. I thought it would only be my mother and me but I was wrong.


      Mother got a boyfriend when I was graduated from 8th grade. They got married in the middle of my freshmen year. I didn't attend the wedding. I know that I was being mean but I can't help but be awkward around my step-dad. His name's George Rolan. He's the president of many popular beauty products so I guess you can say that I'm rich. I might be but I really didn't care. I told my parent that I wanted to live by myself for a year before moving into my step-father's expensive 10 story house.


       Of course nobody in school know that I'm the step-daughter of the famous George Rolan. If they did knew, I wouldn't be able to live a quiet life. The media of course didn't know either since I didn't attend the wedding.


                  One more year of being a normal high school student. One more year... 



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