Stuck in Sydney

Victoria and Calum are high school sweethearts. When Calum's band makes it big he drops out of school to play full-time. Victoria is stuck in Sydney . Can they handle a long-distance relationship? Will they still be madly in love when they reunite?


7. Where to Go

Calum's POV


oh my god. i really need to man up. That's the second time I broke down on Victoria. She needs me to stay strong. Shes supposed to be the one who cries on me. I'm trying so hard to be good husband/dad. As i was lying on the couch my beautiful wife woke up. I looked at her beautiful face and see that it's face is red and puffy. I put my hand under her jaw and stroked her cheek "Why was my beautiful wife crying?" she looked up and said "calum, what the hell are we going to do? We have no place to stay, you're about to leave to go on tour, and what's going to happen? you're going to find some groupie and fuck her and i'll still be here- Stuck in Sydney. I have no future. I dropped out of high school just because, you did because you have a future."  i sat there with my jaw open. "No baby, that'll never happen. We're married and I love you to the fucking moon. No, to the end of the galaxy. She wasn't crying, we have been so emotionally unstable lately. She scooted closer and sat in my lap. "Thumb swear?" what the hell does that mean? i guess she could tell I was confused because she added "Because pinkies lie" i grinned and pulled her closer. 


Victoria's POV


I got out of Calum's lap and said "We should probably get out of Ash's house" I say as i begin to gather up our things. I ran into the bathroom and got dressed as cal sat outside the door saying "No, baby. come out here no need to hide from your man" i giggled. Louder he commented "I ain't joking baby. Let daddy help" i laughed even louder and come out of the bathroom- fully clothed I might add. He kissed my neck and started to play with my hair "Cal, stop! We need to get out of Ashton's hair" i said with a giggle. My comment clearly didn't work because he swooped me up by my waist and threw me on the couch. He started kissing and got on top of me. i laughed my super loud laugh and felt him smile. But, he never stopped kissing me. I pushed him off and said "later" with a stern look on my face that soon turned to a smirk. I gathered up the rest of our things and told Ashton we were leaving. We got in Cal's car. He was rubbing my thigh when I turned and said " Where are gonna go?" he smirked and began moving his hand further up my thigh and said "Wherever you want, princess" i glared at him "Seriously, am I going on tour with you?" i glanced down at my small baby bump "I don't think that would be the best idea later on when the baby gets bigger. I could now, but i don't want to be a bother" i glanced down again. It seemed like I was getting bigger by the second "I guess I could call my brother and stay with him while you're gone" Cal glanced over at me "I really don't want to leave you here. The tour is only 2 weeks long and its just around Australia" I saw him spinning his wedding ring around his finger. "when do you leave again?" in 4 days.  "We will stay in a hotel until then and then after that I will call Mason and see if we can stay with him until we get enough money to get an apartment. I start my new job as a secretary for a law firm after we have the baby" i say as i rubbed my stomach. Calum nodded as I called Mason.


"Hey Mason, it's Vic. Here's the situation. I am going with Calum on his Australia tour and when we get back we need a place to stay because mom kicked us out" i held my breath while waiting for him to answer. He wasn't particularly fond of Calum in the first place but when he found out I was pregnant with his baby, Mason was livid "Yeah, Scar was wanting to clean out that middle bedroom anyway, you and Calum can stay there. Here talk to Scarlet" there was a moment of silence "Hi Victoria! How's the baby?" I smiled "Good, I have a small baby bump, and let me tell you, it gets in the way" we laughed and she said "I've tried to get Mason to have kids but he says he's not ready" she scoffed "Men" we laughed again. I love Scarlet "So what'd you need honey?" I explained the situation and added "It's just until we get enough money to get an apartment" she replied with "It probably won't take very long with rockstar husband of yours" we laughed again and i thanked her. 


Calum's POV


Vic had just gotten off the phone with her brother. Who happened to hate me. She turned to me "Mason said we could stay with him and Scarlet until we have enough money to get an apartment" she grinned. Her smile was gorgeous "This is great!" i said as I parked the car at Luke's house. I helped her out of the car and walked her to the door. I rang the doorbell and Liz answered. Liz was like our second mom and I don't know if she knows about our situation. She finds out soon enough. "Hey Calum, Victoria!" she had a confused look on her face. Shit. she looked at Vic's stomach and pointed. Victoria ducked her head down and when I made eye contact with Liz i just nodded and so did she. No words were spoken but they would be soon. I held up my left hand and showed her the ring and Vic's too. That seemed to help the situation a little but not much.We tell the other guys that Victoria is coming on tour with us. Michael said that Lily was coming too. 


Victoria's POV


The guys are talking but i'm not listening. I'm more concerned with these awful migraines i've been having for the last hour. I don't know if i can do this.

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