Stuck in Sydney

Victoria and Calum are high school sweethearts. When Calum's band makes it big he drops out of school to play full-time. Victoria is stuck in Sydney . Can they handle a long-distance relationship? Will they still be madly in love when they reunite?


6. The Wedding

Victoria's POV


Ashton just came in and told me it was time for the wedding to officially start. I'm so nervous and I don't know why. I smoothed my dress when Lily said' "Don't stress it babe, you look stunning" she gave me a hug and ran out the door. When I walked out the door I saw my family and cal's family. My mom was crying and so was Calum's (They don't know that I'm pregnant). I looked at the ground and then up at Calum. His smile was as big as his heart and his jaw dropped as I approached the altar. When it was time to say our vows, he pulled out a piece of paper, looked down at it, and stuck it back in his pocket and whispered "you can't script something like this" I smiled and looked over at Lily and flashed me a smile. I gazed into Cal's beautiful brown eyes as he said "Victoria, you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars, you are my whole world" when I tore my self away from his eyes, i saw Michael staring into Lily's eyes and it's like he was saying all this to her while Cal was saying it to me. he took a breath and continued " You bring out a side of me that hasn't seen the light in quite sometime" our families laughed and he smiled "and i am eternally grateful that our paths crossed because you have changed my life in a way that nobody else could" i found myself crying tears of joy. When i glanced back at Michael, he mouthed the words "i love you" to Lily. I opened my mouth to say my vows but the words weren't coming out. I giggled and wiped my eyes "Calum, before I knew you i was just a good girl who had no fun- which I'm sure is what my mother preferred" i glanced back at mom ad she smiled with tears  running down her face. "but, when I met you, everything changed. You taught me to take risks and be spontaneous and I love you for it" Calum's eyes teared up and the preacher said "You may now kiss the bride" Calum bit his lip as he leaned forward to kiss me. He let his fingers fall from the back of my neck down my spine to the small of my back, where you kissed me with an unrepeatable passion. he held me as i kissed back with the same amount of passion. When our lips parted a laughed and put my head in the crook of his neck and he rubbed the back of my neck. Everyone stood and clapped. I glanced back at Michael who was biting his lips and making eyes at Lily who was definitely getting the message. You could feel the tension. I kept glancing back at them because I know when my older brother Mason got married to his now wife Scarlet, i was a bridesmaid and Calum was a groomsman and i knew we were in love when during their vows we weren't looking at them. No, we were looking at each other and falling into each other's gazes. That's the night we went all the way and why i am in my current state. That's how you know if two people are in love, if they look at each other during the vows. Cal and I walked back down the aisle holding hands, so in love. After the rest of the evening went by, my mom asked me a strange question while everyone else was on the dancefloor. She says, as serious as can be "Are you and Calum going to have sex tonight?" Shit. I have to tell her i'm pregnant with his child. "well mom, there's something I've been needing to tell you." Calum was talking to Mason. "let's go in the lobby"  i tapped on Cal's shoulder and told him that we need to tell my mom. He tells Mason he'll be back in a minute. I grab his hand as we head out to the lobby where I sit holding his hand tighter than ever before. my mom probably knows what's coming. Before i can say anything, Calum starts "Mrs. Thomas, I love your daughter so much" he squeezed my hand extra hard when he said it "and when two people are in love they have sex" i can tell its getting more and more difficult for him to talk "and... um... when two people have sex, there is a possibility that... um..." he looks at me with desperate eyes. I step up "Mom, Calum and I got married because I am pregnant" he looks at me with tears in his eyes. My mother was shocked and stormed off back into the main room. Calum turns towards me and breaks down. we lay down on the couch still in my wedding dress and he still in his tux. He begins to cry and buries his face in my chest. People are starting to leave, they don't stay anything, they just stare. He is laying on me and i rub his back and tell him it's going to be okay. "i didn't marry you only because i knocked you up Victoria, you know that right?" I looked down at his and he says "I married you because you are my soulmate and I love you" he drops his head again, picks it up again and says " I don't want this baby to have parents that aren't married and have a dad thats never around. I married you because I love you and I want this baby to have a real family" he begins to cry on my chest and hold me while I stroke his hair. Lily and Michael walk out holding hands. At this point i am crying and I"m sure my makeup is awful. We are a mess. Lily starts to walk over but Michael pulls her back and says no.Lily doesn't know I'm pregnant but Michael does. He looks at me and I nod. He walks her out as she glances back at me. Apparently Cal and I fell asleep because the preacher woke us up and said that we needed to leave. I checked my phone and i got a text from my mom that said she was kicking me out. shit. i've really fucked up haven't I? I told Calum and he said his parents are pretty pissed as well. I know i can't call Michael and Lily because Lily doesn't know and I'm not ready to tell her. Luke is with his parents so we call Ashton. Ash has always kind of had a sweet spot for me, so when I call him on Cal's phone I say "hey ash, my parents kicked me out and cal's are really pissed can we stay at your place for tonight?" there is a moment of silence before he says "Sure, but that honestly seems like a pretty shitty way to end your wedding night" "I know, but it's not like we could afford a honeymoon anyway" i gather up a change of clothes and Cal has already changed. We head over to Ash's house and lay on his couch for the night. He was still pretty shaken up because apparently my mom lashed out on him and said- according to Calum "How could you do this to my precious baby? I always knew you were trouble" and my father who is usually a calm man said "You fucking bastard you knocked up my princess you better leave this town or else I'll kick your ass" my brother said "why my little sister? You're a fucking asshole for doing this to her". My family had always loved Calum, that is until now. We laid on my couch with his head on my chest. As we laid there, with Calum quietly sobbing into my stomach once again, I realized how hard this id for him. I have to be the string one for a while. He kissed my stomach while tears fell from his cheek and whispered "I'm so sorry" over and over, like he was talking to the baby. He inched up more towards my face but stopped around my shoulder and said "I tried Vic. I tried to make this right". he was laying on top of me. He was so vulnerable. He curled up with his head in my shoulder and i rubbed his back. Neither one of us slept. Around 2 he whispered "Vic?" I looked down at him he said "What are we gonna name baby Hood and when are we gonna find out the gender?" I smiled and so did he. His eyes were still red. i said "well, we can find out the sex around 5 months. What would you want to name the baby?"  I am about 1 month right now and I haven't thought of a name. he whispered "I love the name Eden for a girl" "why?, it's pretty but any particular reason?" he smiled and said "The garden of Eden was beautiful and made by the hands of God" i smiled "That's beautiful. Middle name?" he thought for a second "adele" i looked at him "It means 'of good humor' so she'll be funny like her dad and beautiful like her mother" I kissed his forehead "Eden Adele Hood, what if it's a boy?" he grinned and whispered "it's going to be a girl. I  just know it". He laid his head back down and we drifted off to sleep.

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