Stuck in Sydney

Victoria and Calum are high school sweethearts. When Calum's band makes it big he drops out of school to play full-time. Victoria is stuck in Sydney . Can they handle a long-distance relationship? Will they still be madly in love when they reunite?


2. The Big News

Calum's POV

Victoria was ecstatic when i told her we are going on a tour. But, soon after the smile vanished from her face. "Baby, don't worry, it won't be that long, ill be back in no time."  She buried her face on my shoulder and cried even harder. "That's not it Calum" Tears were streaming down her face. What the hell is going on?


Victoria's POV


How am i going to tell him? His band just hit it big. If I tell him I'll just hold him back. damn, how are we gonna figure this out? i bury my face deeper into the crook of his neck and bawl. He pulls me closer and begs me to tell him but i just can't make the words come out. We've really fucked up this time. I back and we make eye contact as I open my mouth and whisper

Cal, I'm pregnant 

His jaw dropped and my heart dropped all at the same time.


Calum's POV


I'm going to be a father. Holy shit. how are we gonna do this. My band just hit it big. oh my god. how did this happen. okay i know how it happened but still. When it finally processes I stutter and start to cry and so does she. I hold her and whisper "It's okay Vic, we'll get through this. We will raise that baby and love it and it will have the most loving parents and the most beautiful mother on the face of the Earth. Vic?" she looks up at me and with her red face her eyes pop and they are beautiful and i know that we will get through this because this is the woman of my dreams and I love her so fucking much. "yes?' she barely speaks. "I love you so fucking much and i will never leave you" she cries even more and we fall asleep on her living room couch completely and utterly screwed.




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