Stuck in Sydney

Victoria and Calum are high school sweethearts. When Calum's band makes it big he drops out of school to play full-time. Victoria is stuck in Sydney . Can they handle a long-distance relationship? Will they still be madly in love when they reunite?


3. Telling the Others


Calum's POV


fuck. how am i gonna tell my bandmates and best friends I knocked up my girlfriend right before we go on tour. The guys are looking at me like I'm crazy.


Ashton's POV


Calum has been trying to tell us something for 10 minutes. It seems bad.


Luke's POV


Calum has been sitting on the couch for a really long time staring at his hands. I bet he knocked up Victoria.


Michael's POV


Cal is trying to tell us something. I bet he and Victoria had sex and she's pregnant. he would fuck up like that.


Victoria's POV


Calum is going to tell the boys I'm pregnant and he wants me there with them. It has never been so hard to drive.


Calum's POV


Victoria just showed up, I ran to the door and grabbed her hands as we sat on the couch. Michael, Ashton, and Luke have been sitting on the couch silently for a long time. I looked at Victoria and oh my god she was beautiful. She didn't even have to try.She was wearing black sweatpants and my NASA shirt with her long black hair pulled up into a messy ponytail. If i'm having a child with anyone i'm glad its her. Her hands are always so cold, they feel so good in my sweaty hands. She can always calm me down in situations like this. I look at her and she nods. I look at the guys and just blurt it out "Victoria is pregnant" Ashton is shocked but Luke and Michael don't look surprised. That's when Michael stands up and says "You really fucked it up didn't you? You just had to go off with your stupid girlfriend and fuck the whole plan up didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?" I stood up as Victoria grabbed my arm "Calum, no" it was too late. I decked him square in the jaw. "WHAT THE HELL CALUM?" 'YOU DO NOT CALL HER STUPID. WE ARE LEAVING COME ON, VICTORIA" I grabbed her arm and got in the car leaving Luke and Ashton with their mouths open.

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