Stuck in Sydney

Victoria and Calum are high school sweethearts. When Calum's band makes it big he drops out of school to play full-time. Victoria is stuck in Sydney . Can they handle a long-distance relationship? Will they still be madly in love when they reunite?


5. Headed Home

Victoria's POV


We woke up around 10:30 and decided to head home, we gathered up what little we had and got into Cal's car. After about 10 minutes we found ourselves at a little cafe just out of Melbourne. They served the best pancakes I've ever had. We ate silently for a few minutes when Calum started asking me questions about being pregnant. It was hysterical, he was so confused. "So like when do you start getting the baby bump?" and "Is it gonna hurt?". "well, yeah its gonna hurt I'm gonna push a baby out of my vagina" he laughed "well duh, i meant before that" "Oh, i think I'll just be sore and i'll have cramps but i don't really know" "because i'll need to know how to take care of my wife" i stared at him for a second "your what?" we were walking out in a garden outside the restaurant, he got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket "Victoria, will you marry me?" i began to tear up i couldn't speak but i nodded and mouthed the word "yes" he gently slipped the diamond ring on my hand, he stood up, grabbed me by the waist and swung me around "Wait, is this bad for the baby?" he laughed and said "No, it's fine" we held hands and walked through the garden "this ring is stunning"  "I picked it out a while ago, i was going to propose either way. I just love you so fucking much" he hugged me so tight.


Calum's POV


I proposed too Victoria and she said yes! I am so excited for the wedding. i think we should get married before we go on tour but Victoria thinks we should wait. But i don't know why we would wait. "victoria, lets get married tomorrow" "Cal, baby I know you're excited but we should wait til you're done touring" she says with an exhausted smile. I feel my face sink "Tomorrow's good too"


Victoria's POV


Cal wants to get married tomorrow, I think it's a bad idea but he's so excited. We make the drive back to Sydney and tell our families and the guys. By this time Mikey and Cal have worked it out. Me and my best friend, Lily , who happens to be Michael's girlfriend, go dress shopping. I find a stunning dress with a sweetheart neckline and a big poofy skirt. Lily is my maid of honor and she got a short, sexy, red dress. We decided our accent color was red. We texted to the guys- who wear out getting tuxes. The wedding was at 7 at the church i grew up in. It was 3:30 now, and we need to go set up the church and get food. I call the local Italian restaurant and see if they cater, which they do. Lily begins to set up the chairs and decorations we got at Hobby Lobby while I order the food. We put a few more things together and at 5:30 they guys show up in their tuxes. I'm still wearing my sweatpants and Cal's Santa Cruz shirt on. Lily goes over to Michael (whose hair happens to match the tux) and I go see Calum "You look very sexy in red Mr. Hood" he smirks and leans down to me "You don't look to bad in my shirt either" we kissed and Ashton and Luke came in "Look at the beautiful bride in her . sweatpants" Ashton says before he pecks me on the cheek. Apparently Calum wasn't to happy about that so Luke opted not to and just gave me a hug. After I told The guys all the plans and we chatted it was 6:00 so Lily and I decided to go get dressed. We did each other's hair and makeup. Ashton popped in and said "It's 7, the wedding's starting". I am an odd mix of nervous and excited.

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