The Girl Who Cried Suicide

*Self harm mentioned. More info at beginning of first chapter.*
Melody has known Michael her whole life and has recently started dating him. Everyone at school thinks they're perfect together, especially Mikey's best friends, Luke, Ashton, and Calum. Everyone thinks Melody is flawless and Mikey is perfect. They're half right. Although Mikey is the best guitarist in the school and every girl's senior crush, Melody is definitely NOT flawless. There is one thing that no one, including Melody's parents, knows. Mikey is the only person who knows Melody's biggest secret.
Melody is suicidal and she can't be stopped. It becomes Mikey's job to help her through her issues and to help her regain her need to live.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 cause why not ;)

Michael's POV

As I pushed open the front door to the school with Melody by my side, we were automatically greeted by our best friends, Luke, Calum, and Ashton. Melody didn't exactly have any other "friends" except me and the other boys. Although she was one of the most popular girls in school, she didn't make friends easily. I learned this the hard way.

"Hey guys." I heard Melody say. My arm was around her shoulder and the other boys were walking next to us.

"Hey Melody, hey Mikey." Luke said. "How's M&M doing?"

I laughed at the little name Luke made up a long time ago. He calls it our "OTP name" and somehow, it leaked to the whole school. Now a lot of people call us M&M because both our names start with M. Oh, and another thing, we're probably the most popular couple in the school. We've been best friends since we were in diapers and we finally ended up and a "thing" at the beginning of senior year when I finally got the guts to ask her out.

As I cut out of my daze, we had finally reached our lockers, which we chose to be right next to each other. As we opened up the lockers, Calum walked up to Melody. He and her have the most classes together out of all of us. "Hey Mel, did you do the English assignment?" She nodded. "Okay good. That was so hard!" 

Melody laughed. "THAT assignment? It was SO easy!"

Oh yeah. She's also one of the smartest girls in the school. Go figure. She's perfect.

As Melody closed her locker, I went to go grab her hand, but missed and grabbed onto her wrist on accident. She flinched, quickly snatched her arm away, and gave me a dirty look. The boys seemed to notice this and all looked at her with concern. "Melody..? Are you okay?" Ashton asked. Melody nodded, but it was a lie.

I felt awful knowing I probably opened up a couple cuts on accident. The fresh ones from last night, most likely.

"Hey, guys?" I asked. "Can I talk to Melody? In private?" The three boys nodded and walked off. I turned to Melody in the almost empty hallway and grabbed both her hands. "I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to grab your wrist. I love you so much. I'll see you at lunch, alright?"

She nodded and stood up on her tip toes to kiss me. I smiled through the kiss and we pulled apart. "I love you Mikey. See you later."

She turned and started walking down to hall, and I just stood there, knowing I was in love with the right girl.

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