It's Just Me

Life is a bully. It hurts physically, mentally and can chase people away from you in a heartbeat because of one mistake. "I lost everything because I lost you." One mistake can haunt you for the rest of your life.


1. Introducing me

Hey people of the world I'm Delaney Wood. Before you stop reading thinking that this is just another story about a depressessed girl just listen to what I have to say.

My mom isn't very intelligent and sometimes makes really stupid decisions.  For example,  when I was 6 my mom and dad decided to get a divorce and my mom thought that it would be a good idea to leave me at home alone while she went drinking. She still drinks every night. 


The following year I turned 7 and on my birthday my mom decided it would be fun to let me do whatever I wanted for my birthday while she spent the night in vegas. She had one hell of a crazy night and got married to my step dad Gavern. At that age I thought that having a dad was all I needed to be happy but he turned out to be my worst nightmare. 





He worships the ground that my mother walks on but doesnt like the fact that she has me. I'm pretty sure she doesnt really want me around either. My dad stopped making contact with me after he left so I could never have even gone to stay with him.


My dad was a gentle sole, he wouldn't even hurt a fly, so why him and my mom got a divorce is still unknown. Before the divorce my mom was as sweet as pie and she was like my bestfriend. Now my mom is like the dragon women. She's always getting drunk and I'm pretty sure she's on drugs.


Gavern is a gentle sole but he's a demon when it comes to me. At first it started

with a bit of verbal abuse. Then things became more and more violent. Whenever my mom was out partying he would hit me with his belt. Then the day I turned 11 he raped me. He left me there in a pool of my blood. My mom came home that night and laughed in my face,  she told him to do it again while she watched, so he did. He does the same thing every night up until now.



I turned 15 a few days ago,  the 1 of January, and my mom said that I'm starting at a new school this year as we are moving to Sydney, Australia. I was kind of upset about it because at my old school I was the nobody. Nobody noticed me and I was thankful for it. 


Thats where I was now. On a plane to somewhere new. The possibilities are endless.



It's time to go out there and have some fun. Start an adventure. Care to join me on the ride?


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