Two Hearts Apart

In this world you have a necklace that helps you find your true love. Everyone has a pair and every pair has a diffrent shape.
Zayn travels the world looking for love. Liam’s a boy who doesn’t trust easily anymore. Harry works at a coffee shop not knowing his soul mate is near by. Niall plays gigs at the local pub hoping for his dreams to come true. Louis hides his necklace because he’s not ready to except the truth, and Josh is someone who just wants to give up and get away from it all.


1. Chapter One

Liam’s POV


I ran, I didn’t think I just ran. Running through the trees never looking back. I could feel the darkness behind me. Pursuing me through the thickness of the woods. The only noise was me panting and running through night. The only thing letting me see through it all was the moon.


My lungs burned but I didn’t stop, looking around desperately trying to find a way out. That’s when I saw something fly by in the corner of my eyes. I turned my head to see a raven gliding down beside me. Its feathers as dark as the evil chasing me, but that’s not what mesmerized me.


It was the raven’s eyes, the giant hazel orbs that seem to glow. I tried to look away but I couldn’t tear my eyes from its intense gaze. I tripped and panic surged through me. I quickly caught my balance and looked back at the raven. It soared above my head and flew ahead. I don’t know why but I followed the black-feathered creature. Getting a feeling inside of me, a fear of loosing the animal.


I stumbled as I tried to follow the raven and avoid tripping over something. I was exhausted and I started to slow down. I felt defeat wash over me until I saw something glow in the distance. Suddenly the trees were gone and there was a clearing. Everything was black except a white tree in the center. It radiated lightly in the night, its crakes glimmering with different colors.


The raven hovered down on a branch of the tree. Folding its black thick wings down. I sprinted to the tree, afraid of the darkness behind me. I reached the tree and looked up at the raven. I looked back to see the blackness closing in, horror filling my eyes. I gazed up at the raven, praying it would help.


“What now?!” I asked, not trying to mask the terror in my voice. The raven just stared as if it were not looking at me but into my soul. “Help me!” I yelled, glancing back at the empty void of darkness. Suddenly the creature let out a loud caw that filled the air. “I don’t understand!” I said as tears flowed from my eyes. The creature continued cawing, its calls ringing through the night. I tried to figure out what to do, but I failed. I turned to face the darkness that was coming close to me. Haven lost faith I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting for what was in store for me. That’s when I heard a loud ringing noise.


I opened my eyes quickly sitting up. It took a second to comprehend what was happening. I looked over to see the phone on my alarm going off and quickly turned it off. I ran my fingers through my hair and closed my eyes. It was just a dream, just a dream. Even so the raven was still in my mind, its eyes a burning image in my head. I looked down to see my body was covered in a thin layer of sweat.


Sighing, I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I shut the door then turned the water on so that it was hot enough to wake me. Slipping off my boxers I tossed them on the floor not caring where they landed. I stepped into the shower and let the sweat from the night come off me. I washed my hair and body quickly and jumped out the shower grabbing my towel. Wrapping it around my waist I walked back into my room and threw on some jeans and a shirt. I styled my hair into a small quiff and looked myself over. It wasn’t the worst I looked and wanting to get to work I didn’t really mind.


I almost walked out the door before I realized I forgot something. I walked over and grabbed my necklace and slipped it on. I started twirling it around in my fingers before I took a good look at it. On the outside it had five points sticking out. They were all different heights and the points on the top and bottom were cut in half. Outlining it was red gem, when it hits the light though you can see the purple in it. I didn’t really know what it was, but I wasn’t exactly supposed to know yet. Waiting for your significant other to come along so you can both find out together.


I shook my head quickly and ran out of my apartment going down the stairs. Why I didn’t choose the apartment on the first floor I will never know. I walked to my truck and unlocked the door getting in. I put my seatbelt on and pulled out the parking lot. Looking at the time I saw it was 6:10. Usually you only have to be there at 6:45 but since I open the coffee shop I get there early. After working there for a year Paul thought I was responsible enough to open and close the shop.


Paul is the manager. Mr. Cowell is the actual owner of the place; he doesn’t come around a lot though. He comes about once every few months to check on how the place is doing, see if anything needs to be replaced, and makes sure his coffee shop is making enough money. I stopped at a red light and tapped my fingers on the steering wheel. I turned the radio on and She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 was playing. Smiling, I turned it up louder and sung along. I frowned once I realized the song was almost over. That seems to happen a lot, me turning on the radio and there’s a good song on but it’s about to end.


I was knocked out my thoughts when I heard someone behind me honk. I started driving and apologized quickly even if they weren’t going to hear me. I pulled up at4 the coffee shop and checked the time, 6:20. I smiled, perfect. I got out the car and locked it. I walked up to the dimly lite up coffee shop and unlocked the door to start a new day. I strolled inside and made sure everything was ready for the day.


Once everything was good I made myself some tea. While the tea was brewing I sat on the stool behind the counter and closed my eyes. I listened to the clock on the wall tick and the cars drive by. It was so quiet. Sometimes I like it when it’s quiet and I’m alone, being able to have time to think. Now though I have too much time to be alone and think. That’s one of the worst things to have, because happy thoughts aren’t the first thing to come in mind anymore.


My thoughts are interrupted and I opened my eyes already knew who walked through the doors. Humming and dancing probably to some 80s song in his head I chuckled. Harry Styles, my best friend since kindergarten who has guys and girls swooning over his emerald eyes, curly hair, and cheeky personality.


He smiled brightly at me. “Morning Li.” He chirped hopping on top of the counter.


“Morning Haz.” I smiled. Getting of the stool I went to get my tea. As usual I put a cube of sugar in it and a teaspoon of honey.


“Did my lovely boy make me some tea?” Haz turned around so he was facing in my direction.


I chuckled. “No.”


Harry gasped. I smiled amusingly at him as I took a sip of tea. “I thought you loved me Liam!” He said.


“I do love you but that doesn’t mean I’ll be your slave.” I smirked. Just then I heard the bell ring signaling our first customer.


“Well since your lazy bum won’t make me some tea maybe you can make the first customer some.” He stuck his tongue at me and left it at that.


I laughed. “Gladly.” The women came up to counter and smiled. “Hello Breanna, the usually?” I asked.


“Yes please.” Breanna sat down at one of the stools at the front of the counter. I went back and started to make her coffee. She likes black coffee with nothing else in it, I don’t see how she could drink but it’s her drink not mine. I looked over to see Harry playing with his amulet and humming softly. Harry’s necklace was always warm for some reason, but that means that his soul mate is near by. If that was the case they would’ve came to him by now, right? Why would someone avoid Harry? The poor lad has been looking all over yet he hasn’t found the amulet that connects to his.


I sighed; once the tea was done I gave it to Breanna. She thanked me and after she paid me she went off on her way. I forgot exactly what her job was, a nurse maybe? I shrugged and got ready to continue the day.





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