The Huntresses Heart

What would happen if Mikayla Adams a daughter of Hades was in the hunt? What would happen if she fell for a demigod (Percy Jackson) but still had feelings for the son of Jupiter Jason Grace? What if the two guys liked Mikayla? What if the hunters were heading to Camp Half-Blood where the two boys were? What if Artemis allows her to quit? Who will the daughter of Hades end up with?


2. The Hunters

Percy's POV

I heard the hunters horn.

I left the infirmary. To see the hunters at the top of the hill.
I ran up the hill (painfully I might add). I saw Thalia there I went and hugged her. She gladly hugged back.

"How are you," we both said.

We laughed and she introduced me to the hunters I hadn't already met.

"And lastly our very special hunter Mikayla Adams daughter of Hades," she said pointing at a girl with chocolate brown hair in a braid, kind smile, crystal blue eyes, she was average height. She was beautiful she made my heart speed up as she took my hand and gave it a shake.

Mikayla's POV

I have to admit Percy was really cute. But I couldn't think that last time Jason (son of Jupiter) broke my heart and now I'm in the hunt. Maybe I could trust him. I'll try to get to know him. Oh Percy I hope your not like Jason.

I heard someone coming up the hill. I turned to see someone I didn't expect or want to see.

"Jason," the blonde boy turned and stared at me. I ran down the hill a into the woods crying. Stupid guys.

Jason's POV

Why was Mikayla here?

"She's a hunter Jason," Thalia said. Oops I said that out loud.

I ran down after Mikayla. Did she join the hunters because of me? I didn't hurt her that bad. Did I?


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