The Huntresses Heart

What would happen if Mikayla Adams a daughter of Hades was in the hunt? What would happen if she fell for a demigod (Percy Jackson) but still had feelings for the son of Jupiter Jason Grace? What if the two guys liked Mikayla? What if the hunters were heading to Camp Half-Blood where the two boys were? What if Artemis allows her to quit? Who will the daughter of Hades end up with?


9. She quit the hunt

Percy's POV

I'm going to ask her out. But she's in the hunt you idiot says a voice in my head.

I shook my head I'm going for it. I sat up and walked to the Artemis cabin not only because that's where she is but because I could tell something was wrong.

Mikayla's POV

I was shaking covered with cold sweat. I curled myself into a ball. I heard the door open but I ignored the person when they came over to my bed even when their hand trailed my back.

"Is she okay, Thalia?" A muffled voice said.

"She had a bad dream. But can you take her to your cabin? She needs to be with someone she trusts other than the hunters. Last time she had a bad dream Jason and Hades had to come and get her to calm down and relax. So could you?" Said Thalia.

I didn't here anyone answer but I felt myself being lifted up. I turned and took in the scent of the person. I smelt salt water. I put my face in their chest. I knew it was Percy.

After a few minutes of being carried I was laid on a bed. I turned over to see Percy looking at me. I felt tears start leaking out of my eyes. Sobs racked my body.

I felt Percy's arms wrap around my waist.

"Shh... It's okay, love," he said stroking my hair. I chuckled lightly at what he called me.

Percy's POV

When I heard her chuckle I smiled. It sounded like music like it was the only thing I needed to survive.

I started tickling her. She was laughing and struggling to get me to stop.

"St-top," she stuttered out.

"Will you relax and be happy?" I asked.

"I think that happened when you called me love," she says with a smile.

I smiled back at her.

"I wanted to know if you want to go to a party tomorrow night?

"Sure. And just so you know I quit the hunt," she said her smile lighting up the room.

My heart sped up as my face broke into a grin. I could have all to myself she could be mine.

"Really??" I asked.

"I wouldn't lie to you," she said make me smile wider(if that's humanly possible).

"I'll hold you to that," I said.

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