The Huntresses Heart

What would happen if Mikayla Adams a daughter of Hades was in the hunt? What would happen if she fell for a demigod (Percy Jackson) but still had feelings for the son of Jupiter Jason Grace? What if the two guys liked Mikayla? What if the hunters were heading to Camp Half-Blood where the two boys were? What if Artemis allows her to quit? Who will the daughter of Hades end up with?


5. Jason Stalks a door

Mikayla's POV

Percy walked over to my bed in the infirmary (yes this is where Jason brought me).

"What are you still doing here?" he asked me.

"Jason's stalking the door waiting for me to leave," I told him.

"Want me to talk to him while you sneak out the other door?" he offered.

"Yes!" I said.

Percy walked out the door and I heard him say," Jason stalking a door won't help anything."

"I waiting for her to leave," he said.

Then I got up and snuck out the other door. I waited for Percy to come over looking for me (I just know he will). Percy walked over.

"Jason left the door finally," he said.

"Good," I sighed.

"Mikayla do you want to go with me to play with Peleus later?" Percy asked quietly.

"Sure Peleus is the dragon right?"


Jason's POV

I wasn't proud I stalked a door for about two and a half hours. Because all I did was stare at it didn't go in not even close. The reason I didn't go in was because I left her hunting knife with her so I didn't want to be in pieces.

Yes and I was scared of what she would do to me.

She's a daughter of Hades sue me.

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