The Huntresses Heart

What would happen if Mikayla Adams a daughter of Hades was in the hunt? What would happen if she fell for a demigod (Percy Jackson) but still had feelings for the son of Jupiter Jason Grace? What if the two guys liked Mikayla? What if the hunters were heading to Camp Half-Blood where the two boys were? What if Artemis allows her to quit? Who will the daughter of Hades end up with?



Mikayla's POV

Around four a clock I found Percy walking up the hill.

"Percy!" I called he turned around and smiled.

"I was worried you couldn't come," he told me as I ran up next to me.

"Well here I am," I said twirling.

Then we walked up on the hill and I saw a huge dragon curled around a tree.

"ITS HUGE !!! AND PURPLE!!!" I screamed.

"Yep they ran out of the pink ones," he said sadly.

I stared at him opened mouthed, " Your kidding."



"Percy how do you play with a dragon?" I asked.

"Like this. PELEUS!!!"

The dragoon opened its emerald eyes. Percy grabbed me then hopped on the dragon.

I closed my eyes holding on Percy tightly.

"Kayla open your eyes look down," Percy whispered just so I could hear it.

I opened my eyes and looked down. It was beautiful you could see anything up there. The lake, the arena, every thing it was amazing.

"Thank for letting me come Percy," I said looking at everything.

"No prob no problem at all," he said.

I leaned on Percy looking at everything. This was the most perfect day ever.


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