Is this my luck?

A girl named Cara is in a new school because she was being bullied. So she gets to a new town and a new school and she was called a couple names but nothing like she used to be bullied then she meets a guy named Eric and everything changes.


1. New

      Im walking down the school halls all the guys with there eyes on me. Im popular I'm really popular I said to myself. "Hey Cara wanna go to my party tonight" said a dude i don't even know "Um idk" Then all of the sudden my heart stopped I saw him ,Kane, he came up to me and gave me a huge slobbery kiss on the lips. "Hey baby"he said "YUCK you a**hole" i said then his eyes turned black ,all black,…..I got really scared there chasing me down the hall. Then I hear "Cara, Cara, come on, Cara" I felt shaking and opened my eyes.

"It's ok I'm here…..did you have another nightmare?" said mom

"Yeah, but i'll be ok mom…….but this time that disgusting bully Kane was in it he gave me a horrible kiss then turned into a demon and started chasing me" i said

"Well you scared me I thought you were hurt, I could hear you screaming from all the way down stairs……well you have to get up anyways today's the first day for you at a new school"

"Yeah, ok i'll be downstairs in a little bit"

"Ok love you"

"Love you to"


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