Broken Crystals | H.S

"I would never break you.."
"It's okay... I'm already broken."
What happens when two damaged teenagers, both from equally broken homes, are brought together to face their worst demons?

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2. T W O

{ T W O }

I sat up abruptly, as I felt a cool hand pressed against my arm. I curled myself up in the corner of the bed, pulling the covers upto my nose, ans squeezing my eyes closed. I felt the cold beads of sweat running down my face, as the terifying scene played out before my eyes, again, and again.

"Rose! It's okay! It's just me!" Liam's soft voice whispered. I opened my eyes slowly, and lowered the covers. Just a dream. A horrid, vivid dream. It seamed so real. I knew it wasn't of of course as it had already happened, but the mixture between lust and anger in his eyes seamed too vivid to be a dream. How many times would Ihave to endure that memeory, I dreaded to think.

Liam was crouched beside my bed, a look of worry on his face. I noticed he had opened my cream blind at the other end of the room, and a thin beam of light was seaping into the cozy little area. I then glanced at the alarm clock beside the bed, reading 7:30. Oh crap..

"I needed to wake you up.. We've got to be at school in half an hour.." Liam smiled sheepishly. I nodded a little, eventhough I was petrified. I didn't want to see the thousend other students who would had me on first sight. I didn't need the reassurance that I wasn't worthy of people's time. I'm surprised Karen even offered to take me in. Ot maybe she didn't offer. Maybe she was forced, and she really didn't want me here. Most likely.

"I'll leave you to get ready." Liam grinned, exiting the room. I let out an elongated sigh, and pulled my legs around the side of the bed. I ran my hans through my messy hair, and over my face. I guess there was no way around it. If I could get through today without a bruise - though unlikely - I would at least be off to a good start. Oh who am I kidding? Everyone there will treat me like the school's punching bag.

Better prepare myself.

I dint have long to get ready, so I decided on the first thing I could grab out of the wardrobe. It ended up being a pair of black leggings, an oversized grey jumper with a low neck, and my creeper shoes. I only put on a little concealer and some mascara, and let my hair hang naturally, as I didn't see much point in trying to make myself presentable for people who hate me.

I was t sure what to put into my bag for school, so I simply shoved my mothers copy of Romeo And Juliett in there, and a pencil case that Liam had kindly set on the side for me, which all ready had all the equipment I would need. I took a final look at myself before I headed down to the living room.

Liam was sat on the sofa, with his head buried in his phone, scrolling through a Facebook profie. I didn't mean to, but I caught a glimpse of the page owner, and knew without asking who it was. This must have been the girl that Liam was talking about last night.

She fit his description perfectly. Her hair was a dim blonde, growing lighter at the ends, possibly from some sort of bleach. Her eyes were an extremely beautiful blue, which stood out against her pale white skin, with on,y the pink of her flushed cheeks to bring colour in her face. She also wore a bright smile on her face, which portrayed true happiness. Something that I was very jealous of.

Liam's head snapped up, almost like he could hear my breathing, and an immediate smile grew on his face. He locked his phone quickly, shoving it in his back pocket as he stood. He scooped his bag up off the floor, and slung it over his shoulder.

"Ready?" He asked with a smile. I took one last deep breath before I nodded. Liam called out a quick goodbye to his mother, as we headed out the door and began walking down the street.


Me and Liam were stood outside the gates of the terrifying prison that was all utterly new to me. I gripped my bag tightly, my plams geting rather clammy as I fretted about the day. there were so many people scattered about the grounds. Some younger ones, racing about the grassy island in the middle of the car park, some middle years gossiping in little groups, and some kids our age watching the courtyard in awe. I could already tell I was going to hate it here.

I then saw Liam walking ahead of me. He turned a little, beconing me to follow, which I did in a hurry. I didn't want to be left alone. Liam lead me round the back of the school, making my fingers curl around my bag strap with nerves. Why were we going round the back? It was deserted, there was no one here, and i was very on edge. Liam turned one last corner, and I was about to edge away, when a purple haired girl jumped onto him, engulfing him in a large bear hug.

"Li-li!" she cried, squeezing his neck tightly. I was confused at first, but I followed Liam around the corner, to see two other boys stood there. One had a bright blonde quiff, and emerald blue eyes. He had a plain white shirt on, and ligh wash blue jeans, along with nike trainers, and backpack. Beside him stood a bot with long feathery brown hair, which reached just past his ears, and flopped on his forehead. He too had bright blue eyes, and a warm smile platered on his stubble surrounded lips. He had a black and whit VANS shirt on, along with extreamly skinny jeans, with rips in the knees, and tattered old vans on his feet.

"Oh Liam! This you're cousin or someting?" the blonde boy asked with a thick Irish accent present in his vice, when finally noticing my precence. I stiffened as he took note of me, making the purple haired girl and the Vans boy look at me too. Liam was now freed from the girl, so he edged closer to me, throwing an arm around my shoulder. I inahed sharply at his touch, but nobody said anything.

"Nah, she's my new house mate. Mum's god daughter." Liam informed them with a smile, however, his eyes gave off the look of 'don't ask'. I lowered my head a little, looking at my old docter martins on my feet. Liam was ashamed that I lived with him, it was obvious. He didn't want to talk to his friends about me. Who would?

"Hi!" the purple haired girl exclaimed cheerfully, stepping forward and extending her arms. She pulled me into a huge hug, and I tried to escape it. She was going to squeeze me to death. I closed my eyes tightly, as she kept her arms locked around my neck. I could feel my tears starting to slither up my throat, but Iheld them back, I didn't want to give these people another reason to hate me.

"Perrie!" liam shouted, pulling her arms off me. I opened my eyes a little, and saw a hurt look on her face. He whispered something furiously in her ear, and her hurt was replaced with guilt.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!" she apologised immidiately.

"It's okay.." I croaked, looking back down at my feet. It only took a few seconds for my mind to Muster up the million different possibilities of what Liam could have just told her... That I was a freak? A waste of space? He could have been letting her in on ohmmeter plan to humiliate me. I hated overthinking things, but things usually turned out how they expected them. Well they had for the past couple of years.

Liam stuck his arm back around me, and I looked up to find a warm smile on his face again. I wanted to wriggle out of his grip, and slap the intimidating smile off his face, but I didn't want to do anything stupid on t first day of school. I didn't want to give them anymore of a reason to dislike me. So I stayed put.

"So, this is Perrie -" He said, motioning towards the purple haired girl, "And Niall and Louis." the two boys waved at me, with smiles on their cheeks too. I nodded my head at the three, looking back down right away. I wasn't good with new people. I knew they were going to hit me, so I didn't want to give them more reason to by actually saying or doing something.

There was a long pause of silence, and I just stood shuffling my feet, trying to ignore their eyes burning into my head

"Urm, how about I show you to your Locker?" Perrie offered after a long and rather awkward period. I looked up to her, to see the hopeful smile on her face, then flicked my vision to Liam. I have no idea why I looked to him for this simple piece of advice. I was eighteen, I could make the decision weather I wanted to be shown to my locker, by myself. Yet I was too nervous to say anything. Liam gave me a reassuring look, so I sighed, and nodded at Perrie.

Perrie smiled wider, and reached out to hook arms with me, but I flinched away, still not confident with her. She sighed a little, but replaced her hurt with a smile and pushed past Louis and Niall, motioning for me to follow. The boys moned in a teasing sort of manner, causing Perrie to flip them off over her shoulder. I kept my head low as I followed behind her.We turned one more corner and came to a set of stone steps, leading into the side of the 'quad' area. Perrie lead me into the locker room, which was lined on each side of the walls with cream coloured lockers.

"What's your number?" Perrie asked sweetly. I handed her a piece of paper that Liam had given me this morning. She glanced down quickly, then headed to the locker right at the end by the window, pointing at it enthusiastically.

"Here you go." She grinned. I cautiously walked to the locker she pointed at, and examined it. It looked pretty decent.

"I'll leave you to sort your things out." Perrie said after my short examination. And with that, she left the room.

I let out a long sigh, and leaned against the lockers. I hadn't even been here half an hour, and I was already feeling claustrophobic. Liam'S friends seamed nice enough, but I still wasn't sure about Liam himself. Give them time and they'd realise they were too good to hang out with someone like me, and they'd go tell the whole school how much of a screw up I was. Louis and Niall hadn't even needed to say anything to me, and I could tell what their opinion was of me already. I wished I wasn't so different from these people. If I was more confident, more open, more happy, they would be great friends. But why would they even bother taking a second glance at me?

I was pulled out of my daze by the door I had come in through slamming loudly, making me jump. I turned round to my locker, turning the key and opening it quickly, to hide my face from whoever this angry student was. It could have been anybody, but when I peaked around my locker, my eyes disobeyed my orders to stay away.

He glided into the room, his head down, with a heavy mop of curls covering his face. He, which intimidated me. He kept his head towards the floor, his chocolate brown curls looking extremely silly. He clutched a black backpack over one shoulder, and carried a leather jacket in the other.

He was edging closer to my locker, so I kept my head straight on, trying my best not to peak over my shoulder.

He stopped at the locker two away from mine, causing my heart rate to follow an irregular pattern.

He lifted his head a little, as he pulled his locker door open, throwing his jacket in there furiously. He seemed very muscular, his biceps showing clearly through his Rolling Stones tee,

Suddenly, his eyes snapped to me, making me flinch back a little. His sudden movement caught me off guard, but I prepared myself for a beating anyway.

"Can I help you?" He spat venomously. I took this short chance to examine his facial features.

He had perfectly plump, pink lips, that were pressed into an annoyed line. His complexion was rather pale, but his cheeks showed a pinky contrast. And his eyes were breathtaking. They were a beautiful shade of emerald green that I had never seen before, and would be a lot prettier if they weren't staring me out.

"Urm, I-I-, uh.." I wasn't quite sure what to say. My tongue was stuck in a messy knot, not too sure what to say to him.

"Whatever," he huffed, getting impatient with my stuttering. And with that, he spun on his heals and strutted out the locker room, walking back the way he came...

Before I could comprehend what had just happened, or who that awful rude but knowingly attractive boy was, a familiar purple haired body poked her head around the door. Perrie smiled widely, before making her way closer to me,

"Are you all done in here?" She asked. I nodded, shaking the thoughts of the last two minutes from my mind, and followed Perrie out of the locker room.

We walked back to the group, to find Louis and Niall laughing very loudly, and Liam with a red glow in his cheeks, which could only be described as embarrassment. From the laughter emanating from the others, it seamed like Niall was about to pass out.

"Woah! What did I miss?" Perrie exclaimed as she pushed herself back into the group.

"L-l-Liam's face!" Louis cried, clutching his stomach, as Liam's face turned from embarrassed red to angry red. I took a few steps away from him, incase he lashed out at me. He noticed, and assured me with a smile that he was okay. I still felt cautious though.

"D-d-Demi, she just.. She-" niall couldn't seam to form a sentence through his laughter, causing Perrie to grow impatient.

"Demi.. She walked past.. A-and liam stated at her the whole time, and she caught him.. S-so he jumped and knocked the bin over." Louis finally explained. Liam's embarrassment retuned as I spotted the red bin that was laying on its side on the floor by him.

"Guys, shut the fuck up." Liam muttered, with a hint of a smile on his lips. It was clear that whoever this Demi girl was, he liked her, so it wasn't too hard to pick up that this 'Demi' was the girl he was talking about last night, and stalking this morning.

"Demi is Liam's crush, he's liked her for three years." Perrie confirmed for me. I nodded a little, looking back at Liam, who had now covered his face with his hands. He did look rather cute when he was embarrased.

"Dude, you should just ask her out already!" Perrie said, throwing her arms above her head for dramatic effect. Liam's face snapped up to her, with an evil glare set in his eyes. I jumped a little, as they came in contact with me first, but then moved on to Perrie.

"No! She doesn't like me anyway.." He moped, lowering his head again. Perrie groaned in frustration, and I noticed how Niall and Louis rolled their eyes, almost in sync. I seamed to be missing something here.

"Of course she fucking likes you!" Louis almost yelled, his tone very annoyed. I took a few shuffles backwards, his anger starting to scare me. he turned to face me, and immidiately realised I had moved away.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay." I assured him a small voice, which cracked at the end without my permission. I looked back down at my feet as they all continued to toss comments about Demi and how she deffinately liked Liam. From the things they were talking about, it seamed pretty clear to me that she liked him, and I'd never actually met the girl.

My mind began to wonder back to the boy who I had rudely encountered only a few minutes previous. He was very attractive, there was no denying that, but he was exceedingly rude to me. I guess I knew someone would see straight through me right away. I'm not too surpirsed he was so rude, but there was soemthing about the way he spoke that hurt me in a very strange and unidentifyable way..

A loud bell pulled me out of my thoughts, and I snappped my head up to look at all the others. They were beging to saunter away to their lessons. I pulled my timetable out, and scanned the paper quickly, 'Maths, room 20' was my first cube on the table. they each said a smily goodbye before I started out into the busy coridoor, in an attempt to find my first class...

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