Broken Crystals | H.S

"I would never break you.."
"It's okay... I'm already broken."
What happens when two damaged teenagers, both from equally broken homes, are brought together to face their worst demons?

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3. T H R E E

{ T H R E E }

i had already been asigned my seat in my very first class. Maths. I hated maths, since I sucked at it. I was terrible at maths, and in my last school I was on the verge of getting tutor. That was before I stopped going to school becuase, I really didn't care anymore. I had enough to worry about at home, without stressing about eaxm finals and crap.

I was sat on my own at a table for two, anticipating the arrival of my partner. I was a few rows from the front, so not close enough that epople think I'm keen to learn, but not so far away they think I don't care. People were starting to file into the class room, and my anxiety levels started to build on themselves. With every perkey student that walked through the door, came a face of confusion up on spotting me. A few whispered to one another, and a couple of times, I picked up the word 'Liam' or 'transfer', but that was about it.

Thankfuly, Liam soon walked through the door, and I let out a sigh of relife. Although I wasn't toally secure around Liam yet, he was the one person who had actually said something respectable to me, and hadn't hit me. Yet.

A wide grin spread across his face as he noticed me, and hurried over to my desk, leaning down to whisper.

"I had no idea you were in this class! You should have told me, I would have walked with you!" He beamed. I forced a smile, and shrugged my shoulders. What else was I supposed to say? Liam grinned again, and shuffled to the back of the class room. I sighed to myself, pulling out my note book, and colouring inn one of the corners. More students piled in, and I kept my head down in my book, trying my best to ignore them.

Suddenly, I felt someone sit beside me, making me tense up. I didn't move my eyes up, as the person started to clatter about with their equiptment. From the state theit books were in, it was obvious it was a boy. As he zipped his bag back up, and shoved it bak under the desk, I thought I recognised the tattered old jeans..

"Oh, hey!" I most deffinately recgnised the squeaky accent, so I looked up, letting out a little sigh when I realised who it was. Louis. I noddedto him, turning my attention back to my book. I continued to scribble on the pages, waiting for the class to start. the noise level in the room had risenn dramatically, so as the teacher approached the front of the room, it was quite a challange for her to be heard.

She was a rather old looking lady, but she was quite large. The fine blonde hair on her head was thinning out, almost blading, and she was very red in the face. Eventually she got the class to settle down, and all eyes were on her, as she waddled back over to her desk. I heard Louis chuckle beside me. I turned a little, catching him with the corner of my eye. He ntoiced me too, and leaned down to whisper in my ear. I flinched backa bit, but he spoke anyway.

"Me and Niall call her polar bear, because she seams to have the same characteristics." He whispered, before sitting back up straight, and turning in his head to look at Niall, who was sat next to Liam, also tittering to himself. I rolled my eyes at their immiturity, and turned my attention back to the teacher. Just as she was typing something in on her laptop, the door swun open, stealing my breath as the same god-like boy from the locker room this morning was revealed. He looked rather annoyed, but strode into the class without a care,

"Mr.Styles..." The teacher began. He groaned loudly, and spun around to face her, his curls flying about his head. "Why are you late?" She demaned, pulling herself up, with the suppourt of her desk. He took a deep breath, and looked at her in annoyance,

"I was contemplating wether to shoot myself, or attend this lesson.. Unfortunately I have had my guns confiscated, so I had to go with the first option." He remarked sarcastically. I grimaced at the bitterness in his words. Sucide wasn't soemthing that should be used in a joking way, since it's a very touchy subject for some. Believe me, I would know. I felt anger bubble in my stomach at his casual use in promoting sucide. How dare he be so inconsiderate. I had only heard the boy speak once, and I was already disliking him. However, my eyes were attached to his stunning looks.

The teacher dismissed him, and he slumped down in the seat directly infront of mine. I tensed a little, getting rather uncomfortable as he sat so close to me. I just hoped to god he didn't turn around.


Lunch came around too quickly. I was never a big fan of lunch times. Everyone had their own places in the cafeteria, and since I never had many friends, I ended up being perminantly resigned in the bathroom stalls. Luckily for me, Perrie was in the same lesson as me right before lunch, so I had someone to lead me in the right direction.

To my surprise we walked right past the canteen, and headed out onto the field at the back of the school. She lead me round the edge of the field, until I saw Liam, Niall, Louis, and another girl sitting in the shade by a large tree, laughing and joking. Perrie sat beside the girl, with a huge smile, as I stood awkwardly gripping my backpack.

"Sit down." Perrie chuckled. I shrugged, a little embarrassed, but slowly dropped to the ground, next to Liam. I took a quick glance over at Perrie and the girl she was talking to, taking in her appearance. She had pastel pink coloured hair, pulled into a messy pony tail. She also had large while stretchers in her ears, with a silver ring looping around her nose, and ripped jeans, along with a band tee shirt. She was the kind of girl you would expect to see on Tumblr. She probably had a name like Skye or Winter or something.

"Perrie, you're drooling.." Niall teased, earning a slap on the arm from Perrie, who just turned back to look at the other side of the field. I followed her gaze and saw her looking at a group of people, only one of which I recognised as 'Mr. styles' from maths. I still didn't know his first name. He was sat with a raven haired boy, who was rather tanned, and had a sleeve of tattoo's down his arm. The people around them also looked rather intimidating, even from this distance. I peered back over at Perrie, then the raven haired boy again, then back to Perrie. Niall seamed to notice, and let out a light chuckle.

"Perrie fancies Zayn Malik.. Y'know, the one with all the tats.." He clarified, earning another hit off Perrie. I scanned over the group, but my eyes were drawn into Styles again. But this time, he was staring right back. I only held his gaze for less than a second before I quickly averted my eyes, as I didn't want him to think I kept staring at him.

"L-liam.." I muttered. Liam turned to me, a smile already on his face,

"Yes love?" I shivered a little at the pointless pet name, but he didn't seam to notice.

"Who's that?" I asked, discreetly pointing over to Styles. Liam's smile dropped right away, scaring me. His face drained in colour, but was soon filed back with red, but raging red.

"That's Harry Styles.." He growled, taking me back a bit. I moved away from him a little, name an unwanted whimper escaped my lips at his harsh change in tone that I'd heard way to many times..

"Sorry.." Liam apologised quickly, after realising I had scooted away, "it's just that I really don't like him... He's really rude, and mean, and thinks he owns the whole school along with his stupid gangs of 'bad boys'" Liam raged. I stole another glance over at Harry, who was now taking a single cigarette out of Zayn's hand, and held it between his teeth.

Seeing the killing machine sat between his teeth ignited a strange fire in my stomach. A fire that I had never really been able to take care of. But nobody ever needed to know about that. I hadn't used one for three days, which was very good for me, although I wasn't sure how long that would last.

I watched as he leaned over to lite the cigarette, and let out a long, yet very attractive puff. I noticed that a group of teachers were looking over at him, but the way he glared back stopped them from advancing on him.

I desperately tried to look away from him, as I knew no good would come of it, but it was no use. There was just something about his physical appearance that kept my gaze glued to him. I noticed how whenever he let out a long breath of smoke, he closed his eyes lightly, and puckered up his pink lips, letting the cloud glide from his lips elegantly. I was so caught up in watching him that I didn't realise the others were talking about me.

"Rose?" Perrie called. I snapped my attention back to her, and saw all eyes were on me. Oh god, they all saw me staring at Harry. My cheeks heated up as I took in their expressions.

"Rose, this is Alex. We never actually introduced you." Perrie giggled. I looked up at the pink haired girl, with a fake smile plastered on my face. She leaned over the others, her hand outstretched. A hand shake wouldn't hurt right?

"Alex. Alex Blue." She introduced sweetly. I sighed a little before I placed my hand in hers, accepting her friendly gesture,

"Rose Hilton." I returned. She nodded and removed our hands from each other.

"I really like your outfit by the way." She smirked. This caught me off guard. No one really complimented me. Then again, the smirk on her face could mean that she as being sarcastic. I looked down at what I was wearing, then at what she wore. Yeah, she was being sarcastic. I sent her a small smile anyway, which she kindly returned.

They all dove back into conversation, and my gaze unwillingly wandered back over to Harry's group. I noticed him looking right back at me again, making my blood stop for a second. I tried to Tare my gaze away once again, but it was no use. It was one of those awkward eye contact moments, but he didn't seam as awkward as me..

A sudden bell pulled us both out of our almost hypnotic trance, signalling lunch was over. I looked down at my bag, and realised that I handing eaten my Lucy that Karen had so kindly made for me. I discreetly disposed of it in the bin behind me, as everyone started to get to their feet.

"What have you got now?" Liam asked, as he turned to face me. I pulled out my timetable and scanned it quickly.

"French. Room 30"

"Oh, so has Alex!" He said, catching Alex's attention. She offered to walk me to my lesson, which I accepted. I waved to Liam and the others before following Alex off to our next class.

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