Broken Crystals | H.S

"I would never break you.."
"It's okay... I'm already broken."
What happens when two damaged teenagers, both from equally broken homes, are brought together to face their worst demons?

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1. O N E

{ O N E }

I never imagined that I would be the one in the back of a police car, being taken away from my old life. I thought it would be him. But things don't always turn out the way you expect. I was sat on the white leather seats, staring blankly out the window clutching onto the crystal encrusted necklace my mother had given me for my sixteenth birthday. At the time I had no idea that was the last birthday I would spend with her.

She never gave any reason for her leaving. She just went. It was almost like she was walking out of every single memory we had created together, like she didn't want us anymore. And I think that's what hurt me the most. I woke up early that morning, wanting to surprise her with her favourite breakfast in bed, pop tarts and orange juice, but as I went to collect the ingredients, there was a note on the fridge addressed to me. The only thing it said was 'I love you, Rose, and I'll miss you.' And just like that I didn't have a mother anymore.

I didn't really know what to do with myself after that. I kept all my emotions inside, not wanting to show my father how weak I was. He had always had something against me, ever since I was a child, but my mother was always there. Now it was just me and him, and I was scared of what he might do.

To my dismay, he did exactly what I feared he would. I went to bed covered in bruises and blood most nights, crying myself to sleep. He thought it was my fault of course. He said that me and my mother were planning against him. And he wasn't the best at concealing his anger. Everyday I woke up to him screaming at me to get off my lazy ass and do something productive.

I hated him, and he hates me. But I never did anything about my feelings. That was the difference between us.

But now I was finally free from him, as he had officially crossed the line. I always had the numbers for help in my phone, but I never had the guts to call them. But due to the events of that night, there was no way I was going to stay in that house with that sick monster who doesn't event deserve to be called a man.

So that brings us to riding in the police car, chewing my cheek with nerves. I kept the crystal firmly engulfed in my palm, as I thought about every single possibility for failure at this new life.

I was on my way to London to live with my god mother, Karen, and her son Liam. I had only met Liam once as a child, but I could hardly remember him. I do remember Karen being a really nice woman. He was my mothers very best friend, and was also very shook up when she disappeared without warning. I didn't see Karen much, but I really did like her.

I wasn't scared as to what she would think of me, but her son Liam. He was my age, and I know how teenagers can be. Most are very judgemental, and I don't think I was ready for a strangers judgement.

My family home wasn't really very far from Karen's house in London, so it only took us a short while to get there. I guess the shorter the drive, the less time I had to get myself worked up about nothing.

I kept my head down as we pulled into a very posh estate, and already I felt like the lowlife of this lovely little neighbourhood. The car stopped fully outside a house, almost identical to all the rest, with the living room curtains open wide, showing off the cozy looking scene inside.

Immediately, a middle aged woman came rushing out the house, in just her slippers and long woollen cardigan, pushing thick black glasses back up the bridge of her nose. Now that I saw her again, her face was faintly familiar.

The officer who escorted me here opened my door for me, and with one last sigh, I shoved the crystal in my pocket, pulled my jumper sleves over my hands, and hauled myself out of the car, grabbing my backpack as I went. Before I could even get my balance properly, I was pulled into a bone crushing hug, curtesy of Karen, who was actually a little smaller than me.

"Oh Rose!" She sighed into the hug, as I returned the friendly gesture, "I'm so glad your finally here."

She pulled away, placing her hands on my shoulders, looking me up and down, with a little tear in her eye. One thing I did remember about Karen is that she was a cryer. She cried at practically everything, and it was quite cute actually.

"God, you look so much like your mother.." She mused, shaking her head in disbelief. I smiled sheepishly at the comment, hanging my head a little. She patted my cheek, before grabbing my single suitcase off the officer. She thanked him about one hundred times, and soon after he was back in his car, speeding back the way we came.

Karen led me inside the house, the smell of cooking hitting me right away. She dropped my suitcase at the bottom of the stairs and escorted me into the living room. It was as cozy inside as it looked from the outside, with two big chairs either end of the room, a leather sofa along the back wall, a wooden coffee table in the middle and a flat screen Tv at the end, sitting next to a roaring coal fire.

I perched uncomfortably on the sofa, as Karen finished something off in the kitchen. She was back with me in seconds, flopping down on one of the arm chairs.

"Make yourself at home dear." She smiled warmly. I returned an awkward grin, before carefully slipping my pumps off, and dropping my bag beside me. Then, the sound of heavy footsteps descending the stairs sounded from the hallway. I saw Karen about to say something, but she was interrupted when a boy walked through the door, looking about my age, clutching his phone in his hand. This must be Liam.

He didn't look too bad. He wore black jeans, a Nike tee, and only a pair of plain white socks covering his feet. His eyes were a dark chestnut colour, and his hair was a little lighter than that. He wore a confused look at first, but when his mind clicked, a large smile grew across his face.

"Oh, hey! You're Rose yeah?" He greeted. I nodded lightly, only making his smile wider. Why was everyone so happy to see me? "I'm Liam." He introduced, holding a hand out to me. I shook it carefully, as his hand was a lot more muscular than mine, and could probably crush my whole arm with an unexpected jerk.

"I was just about to show her to her room," Karen informed him, starting to sit up. I stood too, as it seemed I would have to.

"Oh, I'll show her!" Liam offered enthusiastically. Karen rolled her eyes at him, but allowed him to anyway.

I followed Liam out the room, and he picked up my suitcase as we passed it. He took the stairs two at a time, reaching the top before me. When I caught up, he headed into the room that was right beside the stairs.

It was a long room, with cream walls, and carpet to match. There was a cozy looking bed at the end of the room, a bedside table beside it, connected to a meter high book shelf. On the opposite wall was a white wardrobe, and dresser, with a large mirror on top. It was a whole lot prettier than my room back home.. Well I guess this was home now.

"Welcome!" Liam smiled as I stared round in awe.

"This is my room?" I asked, a little shocked at how nice it was. Liam nodded a little, obviously happy that I liked it. I dropped my backpack beside the bookshelf, and sat myself down on the bed, sinking down straight away.

"I'm really glad your gonna be staying with us.." Liam said softly, closing the door behind him and taking a seat next to me. I started to feel a little uncomfortable, and inched away from him. What if he hit me? He probably would, knowing me.

Liam looked a little hurt, but spoke anyway.

"Your going to love it here. And the school is great, everyone is super nice." He informed me excitedly. I smiled back, not too sure what to say. "Look, I know this is all new and weird for you, so if you need me, my room is just across the landing." He said sweetly.

"Thanks." Was all I managed to choke out. He patted my shoulder, making me flinch back a little.

As soon as Liam was out the room, I lay down on my bed, and pulled the crystal necklace out my pocket. I held it close to my chest, and let out a long sigh.

Who knows where things are gonna go from here...


The few things I had brought with me, I unpacked quickly, placing them where I thought they would belong in the room. I folded my clothes into the draws, which weren't even half filled when I was done. I placed my three pairs of shoes by the window, as straight as possible. I was a little bit of a clean freak, as that seamed to be the only thing that I had controll of in my life, while it was rough. I liked to make everything perfect, that was within my power.

I grabbed the brown, old tattered journal that was next in my bag, and shoved it in the draw beside the bed quickly. I also pulled out three books that were stuffed in the bottom of my bag. I had only ever read one of them, as it was my own, but the other two were my mothers. I always slept with them on my bedside table, since they were her favourite books. I held the three books, scanning the familliar titles for the billionth times; To Kill A Mocking Bird, Romeo And Juliet, Fallen.

Fallen was my own book, that I had read and re-read many times, but the other two were worn and tattered because of the amount of time my mother spent reading them. Whenever she had a spare moment, you would catch her with her beaten up copy of To Kill A Mockingbird with a cup of coffee and a blanket thrown over her. I loved to sit and watch my mother read, it was facinating. It was almost as if the book had taken her to another world, which grabbed her exitement more than the real, stressful situations going on around her.

The morning that she left, I crept into her study, in an attempt to find these books. She always worked in her study, and neither me or my father were aloud in there. In fact, we never actually found out what her job was. when I got to her study, every single piece of paper that I would have imagined scattered across her desk, was gone. The only things left in the room were the furniture. An old oak desk, a large chair behind it, and two big empty book shelves. After my attempt at finding the books, I stalked back to my room. That night, as I reached into my dresser for Fallen, I came across my mothers books. No note with them, just the books, sitting motionless in the draw. I kept them close all night. And that was the first night I cried myself to sleep..

"Rose?" A gentle voice called from the otherside of the bedroom - my bedroom door. I shuffled over quickly, the books still in my hands, and pulled the oak door open, to reveal Liam standing awkwardly behind it. I kept my eyes low as he started to talk, and I fiddled with the fraying edges of the books in my hands.

"Urm, my mother has made dinner. Would you like to join us?" He offered timidly. Karen was already showing so much love towards me, it was strange. i wasn't used to someone being this sweet. I'm sure this would all pass, and eventually she would want to throw me out of the house, to an orphanage or something. I looked back up at Liam, who looked expectant for an answer. Might as well make the most out of their temporary kindness..

"Sure, let me just put these away.." I muttered. Liam's eyes travelled down to the books in my hands, and a small smile tugged his lips up,

"Romeo and Juliet? Have you read it?" He asked. I shook my head a little, before explaining they were my mothers favourites. His smile dropped into a sympathetic frown, before apologising for his comment. I was confused as to why someone would be sorry for saying soemthign that might hurt me. My father never cared if he hurt me, if anything he enjoyed it.

I reassured Liam everything was fine, before placing the books on the side. I pulled the door closed and followed Liam down into the dining room. I was shocked at how beautiful it smelld, and even more shocked at the set up. The plates were floraley decorated, and the knives and forks looked very posh, and possibly expensive. I couldn't help the gasp that rolled off my toung as Liam pulled out a leather coated chair for me. I felt like I didn't have the privallage to sit,

"Mom, this is a bit much, don't you think?" Liam laughed as she emerged through the door, linking the kitchen and the dining room. She was holding a big pot, with the same floral design as the plates, which she then placed in the middle of the table. I recognised the cent immidiately. Spaghetti. this was my favourite dish, and I hadn't eaten it in years.

Once Karen had brought all the food in, she took her seat opposite me, and Liam perched on the seat beside me. Karen and Liam dug into the meal, scooping the pasta onto their plates, and piling up the mince meat. My stomach was growlling at me, but I felt out of place just helping myself to Karens delicious cooking,

"Help yourself dear.." Karen smiled warmly as she poured some white whine into her glass. I gulped, not sure weather I had it in me to just 'help myself.' before I knew it,though, Liam had pilled the food on for me, making me feel even more guilty.

Karen and Liam tucked into their plates of food, and Liam began to babble on about school, and about a girl he seamed overly fond of. I hadn't even picked my fork up yet, since the guilt was still eating me alive. Karen glanced over at me, sadness covering her features. She cut Liam's sentance short, causing both of their attention to be on me,

"What's wrong dear?" She asked, tipping her head to one side. I took a deep breath, before taking a little sip of my water.

"I'm just.. not feeling very well.." I lied. I didn't want her to think me anymore pathetic than I already am. But, to my surprise, she answered with someothing I was not expecting,

"I understand, it's been a rough day for you.. Would you like to go upstairs?" She offered. I looked down in my lap, even more guilty now, but nodded anyway. She let out a soft okay, and excused me from the table. I apologised many times, before I actually left the room, and headed back into my new bedroom.

I went straight over to my deserted draws, and pulled out my pjamas. I jumped into my long, plaid bottoms, and an oversized sweat shirt. I grabbed To Kill A Mocking Bird from the spot I had left it, and headed towards my bed.

As I passed my bag, I tripped ip on it, fumbling to get my balm ace back. I bent down to straighten the bag back up, when I noticed a small white packet had fallen out, and flicked open. I quickly gathered the little sticks, shoving them back into the half empty box, and placed them in the draw under all my clothes. I couldn't risk Karen or Liam finding them..

When I reached my bed, I flicked on the bedside lamp, and the fairy lights that wrapped around the bed's headboard, before shoving my earphones in, turning the music up so loud I could barely think, and flicking to the first page in the book..

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