Broken Crystals | H.S

"I would never break you.."
"It's okay... I'm already broken."
What happens when two damaged teenagers, both from equally broken homes, are brought together to face their worst demons?

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4. F O U R

{ F O U R }

I kept my head low as a few other people joined Alex while we walked. She didn't seam to notice that I was walking beside her as she got engulfed in a rather heated discussion with a girl who had just approached her, on who was better; Nirvana or Bon Jovi. I gripped my bag tightly, and out of no where, a forceful thud knocked me into Alex. We both searched for the person responsible, and it wasn't hard to guess who it was.

Zayn Malik was laughing loudly, right beside me, and it was pretty clear he was the one who had knocked into me. I kept my gaze locked on him, mesmerised by his complete cluelessness to the fact he had almost knocked me over.

"You ignorant prick." Alex cursed at him. He looked directly at her, with a mocking smile on his lips,

"What do you want?" He spat. I flinched away from him. He would definitely hit me, no matter what..

"You almost knocked Rose over.. And that's rude," Alex stated calmly, like there wasn't an angry, hormonal and probably dangerous teenager standing beside us.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." He said sarcastically, looking at me. I looked down at the floor as Zayn began to laugh evilly.

"Dude, we're gonna be late." A familiar accent instructed.

I looked back up, to find Harry standing beside Zayn, trying to usher him away. Zayn rolled his eyes, and began to walk away, as Alex flipped him off. Harry looked back at me as he followed Zayn toward the building. He seamed to be looking for something... And whatever it was, it wasn't there...


Eventually the final bell sounded, and every student rushed out the door. I wasn't finished with my work, so I kept my head down in my book, scribbling away. I knew I was the last in the class room, but I didn't mind.. preferred being alone anyway.

I was half way through a sentence, when the classroom door creaked open, causing both me and the teacher to look up.

In the doorway, stood a tall, pale boy. He had messy blonde hair, and blue eyes, with vibrant pink lips, and rings of red around his eyes. There was something about him that was oddly familiar, but I couldn't place what.

"Ah, Nick, what can I do for you?" Mrs. Knight announced as he entered the classroom slowly. With a worried, and timid looking expression, Nick shuffled further into the room, holding out a bunch of papers in front of him.

"Y-you said you needed these for today." He muttered. His voice was very deep, and was coated with a thick American accent, causing my interest to be held further. I watched him walk with his head low, handing the papers over, and heading right back out the class room.

I shook my head a little, before packing my book away, and handing it over to my teacher. I slung my bag over my shoulder, and headed out towards the gates where Liam was probably already waiting.

I passed by the locker room, peaking in as I did so. I saw three boys crowding around another, who they had pinned agains the locker. I heard grunts as one of the boys lunged forwards, seemingly to punch the other. As he stepped back, leaving his victim to collapse on the floor, i recognised all four. The three boys standing were Zayn Malik, a member of his 'gang' and Harry. Harry was looking down at their victim, who I now noticed as Nick from a few moments ago. I let out a quick gasp, which I hoped to keep quiet, but to my dismay, every eye turned to me. My blood froze in my veins, as Zayn's smirk grew wider on his lips. He began taking a few steps towards me, staggering each a little slower than the last,

"Lookie here." Zayn mocked, "Rose, is it?" He asked, when he finally reached me. I swallowed hard, and nodded stiffly. The other boys in the locker room were staring intently at Zayn.

This was it. My first beating of many. To be honest, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to realise what I was actually like. Zayn raised his hand in the air, and I prepared myself for the Impact of his slap. But a voice cut through the silence.

"Dude, stop it."

Me and Zayn both looked at Harry, who was staring right back at him.


"You can't hit a girl. That's low. No matter how much she saw." Harry muttered cooly, a blank expression covering his face.

Zayn looked at me, then at Harry, before lowering his hand. He tuned to walk away, but suddenly grabbed a hold of my shirt, and pushed me against the wall. I took in a sharp gasp, and squoze my eyes closed. Both of my hands were wrapped around Zayn's grip on my shirt, but I wished I was holding my crystal, as I felt like it gave me some confort.

"Whatever you think you saw, you didn't" he spat, before dropping me on the floor, and storming out the room, with Harry and the other kid following him, without a second glance at me. Nick also scurried away before I had he chance to ask if he was okay.

What just happened only confused me even more. Why were they beating nick up? What did he do? Nick seamed like such a sweet and nervous little character, why would they beat him up? But I guess it wasn't my place to ask questions. I hated being the way I Was, but I coudln't help the nosy side of me. However, the saying goes 'Curiosity killed the cat...'


"Liam? Is that you?" Karen called out as we entered the house. Liam slung his bag down on the bottom step, and flicked his shoes off, leaving them messily on the ground. I however kept my things on, almost like a guest over at a friends house. I had kept quiet the whole way hoime, trying to comprehend my thoughts on the day, only comunicating with Liam in small hums of agreement.

"Yeah." Liam confirmed. I followed him awkwardly into the kitchen, where he headed straight for the fridge. Karen stood at the sink, washing up, but turned as we entered.

"Hello Rose! Good first day?" She asked sweetly. It took me a while to figure out what to say. It certainly wasn't bad, nothing like my old school, but it wasn't the best. I guess today has been.. Weird.

"Not bad." I settled on, as Liam folded himself into a seat at the table. Karen rolled her eyes at him as he munched on some sort of chocolate.

"Here, let me take your bag," she offered, wiping her hands down on her apron. I flinched back as her hands extended out to me, making her stop immediately.

"Oh I'm sorry honey! I didn't meant to-"

"No it's fine. It wasn't you." I assured her with a sigh. She nodded a little, but still looked hurt.

"I'm gonna.. Go do some homework.." I excused myself, and rushed up to my room, closing the door behind me.

I threw my bag down by my wardrobe and flung myself down on the bed. I prssed my face into my pillow, trying to figure out what had actually happened today. I couldn't quite grasp weather today was a sucsess or not.. I guess Liam's friends were real sweet too me, but Zayn seamed to take an instant disliking to me, for some unfathomable reason. Then there was Harry, being exceedingly rude to me in the locker room, but stopping Zayn from beating me up. Why was I looking so much into this? He probably didn't want Zayn getting a reputation for hitting a girl. However, Zayn didn't seam like the type to care about his reputation.. Or maybe he did? How I was I to know, I only met them all today.

I ran my hands overmy face, and decided to head for a quick shower before Karen made dinner, that I probably wouldn't eat. I pulled myself off the bed and grabbed some clean clothes out the draw. I picked my phone up off the side and headed into the bathroom. I chose a light and feathery towel out of the cupboard, and laid a second one down on the floor, so didn't get it too wet. I turned the water to hot, and pressed play on my music. I undressed quickly, and hopped in the shower. The sudden temperateure change shocked me, but soon the water was slithering down my back, soothing the tense muscles there.

Tiling my head, I let the water ease over my face, warming me from head to toe. Once I'd rinsed the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair, I shut off the water and wrapped my towel around me. I collected up my things and headed back into my room.

After I had change into my pyjamas, I decided to plug my earphones in, and do some writing.. I pulled my earphones out of their tangle and connected them to my phone, before shuffling my music. I leaned down into the draw by the side of the bed, and pulled out my tattered old journal. Unbinding the leather strp around it, I grabbed a pen off the side, and fliked to the next clean, yellow-ish page, and began to write,

Dear Mom,

I started my new school today. I guess it wasn't so bad, not as bad as the last. Liam was great with helping me get to my classes. All his friends were super sweet to me, especially Perrie and Alex. I really like them all. Perrie is really pretty. I wished you could have met her, shes absolughtly beautiful, and really funny. So is Alex really. Niall is hilarious too, with his cute Irish accent, he just makes every single sentance funny. Louis is really sweet aswell. I sit by him in maths, so we had a little bit of a talk, and he seams swet enough. I also met this kid called Nick, who was really shy, and didn't really say much to me. But I feel really sorry for him, because I think he is being bullied. I saw three guys crowing around him and I'm pretty sure they were beating him up. I already know to stay away from them, especially Zayn Malik. He is extreamly spiteful, and rude, and a smoker. He's just asking for trouble really. Ans so is his friend Harry Styles. But, Harry didn't seam mean. He is very very attractive, I'll give him that, but the way he speaks to teachers, and glares at students is rather off putting. So I'm going to stay away from them. Or else they'll beat me up like dad.

I miss you so much. I just wish I could actually tell you all these things instead of writing them in some tatty old journal. but that's never going to happen. So I guess this is how it will aways be. I love you mom.

Rose. xxx

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