The Games

After Cedric died in the Triwizard Tournament the ministry have created a new thing called The Wizarding Games. When Jasmine gets selected as the fifth year champion she has to go up against more than anything she's faced before.{Hunger Games inspired}


2. The Games Central

Jasmine's P.O.V

We travelled to a place set up by the Ministry for Magic on a train. I'd never been on a train before. There were beds on the train for us to sleep in and in my room {It was kind of wierd having a bedroom on a train} on the bed there was a white dress made of lace with a black velvet collar {I know the materials because some people sell them at the market}. When I went in for dinner Jake was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and our mentor was in a scruffy navy suit. "So." Jake said, "Do you have any tips for us in the arena?" "Stay alive. Obviously." He said. Suddenly I felt so angry at him for saying that like he didn't care if we died or something so I picked up the fairly sharp knife that was next to my plate and stabbed it into the table and nearly hit his hand. "Here's a tip darlin' save that for the arena. Then you could stay alive." Jake was clearly trying to change the subject because he almost immediatly started talking again. "Do we have any training or anything?" "Tomorrow you will have the competitors celebration where all of you go to a grand hall, very big lots of decorations, and you will get on a chariot led by horses, all dressed up nicely, and everyone will get their first proper look at you all. The day after that your week of training begins. They will teach you how to use different weapons, you'll learn more spells and for this you can use two of the three unforgivable curses the cruciatus and killing curse. After your final day of training you will have an interview with Julius Augusta, you've seen him before. And the day after that. The games begin!" 

The Games Central was a huge tall building with an extended side at the bottom. Glowing white letters read on the side "Training Centre" There were Twenty four competitors in total eight from each year {Fifth years and up} and I was one of the youngest in the competition. Jake and I were in the penthouse suite of the big tall building. My room had a big glass wall on one side and I could see the training centre extension from. I had a pinkish-red wardrobe and the bed had a clean white duvet and the wood was the same pinkish-red. I slept in the dress that was on the bed on the train because I was so tired.

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