The Games

After Cedric died in the Triwizard Tournament the ministry have created a new thing called The Wizarding Games. When Jasmine gets selected as the fifth year champion she has to go up against more than anything she's faced before.{Hunger Games inspired}


1. The Selection

Jasmine's P.O.V

I am so scared. Today is the day they choose the tributes for The Wizarding Games. The people that go out into the forbidden forest and fight to the death. The Wizarding Games were invented not that long ago after a boy died in the old version of the games called the Triwizard Tournament. If I was picked then I would be one of the youngest. From fifteen you could enter and you had to enter once at fifteen but you could enter more times if you wanted. To put my mind off the subject I took my rusty axe and went out beyond the barrier of the city. Ever since Cornilieus Fudge died the wizarding city of Maybrooke went downhill. Me and my family needed food so every day I went out into the woods and hunted for food. I traded for bread sometimes at the market and sometimes, if I was lucky, got money. I entered my name thirteen times to have a chance of going out and winning. Winning brought glory to your family. And money. If I won my entire family's lives would be better.

After hunting I went home and my mother did my hair and gave me one of her dresses to wear. A beautiful blue dress made of lace and silk. The most silk we could ever afford. My brother and sisters were in nice clothes aswell. My brother Peter in a jacket, shirt and trousers that belonged to my father. My sisters Mary and Rose were both in flowery dresses one blue the other red. Their hair was the same, in a plait from left to right diagonally. The mayor said a few words and then put his hand in a box that said boys and pulled out a name. "Jake Parson." Jake Parson was a boy who went to my school and lived in the better part of town. His dad was a butcher so he would of had plenty of good food to keep him going his whole life. Then the mayor put his hand in a box that said girls. "Jasmine Ford." I stepped out of the crowd of people and went up to the stage where the mayor and Jake was. I knew I wouldn't last a minute in these games. There would be girls who could fire a sling with perfect accuracy and boys who could strangle you single handed. And there would be people like me, who had no idea how to even shoot a bow.



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