Daddys Baby Girl! X

One Direction are in the middle of their world tour. All the boys have a lover except from Niall until he meets a beautiful girl while they are in Cardiff! It was in one of their shows at the stadium where a girl named Gabby was looking as beautiful as all ways. Niall saw her and told the security to give her a backstage pass! Is this the girl Niall has dreamed of? Is this the guy Gabby dreamed of? Read to find out.


6. Meeting The Boys

  Gabby's POV

 The show finished and us girls were really excited! We pushed past everyone and rushed to the door where a security man was standing! "Excuse me" I said " we have backstage passes from Niall" " oh, your the girl Niall invited with your two friends" said the security guard "yes, I am!" " follow me ladies!" we got lead backstage and to a door " the boys are in there just knock the door and they will let you in. They will know its you because you are the only ones who are allowed backstage tonight!" explained the security guard

Niall's POV
The show was amazing! I kept looking at the girl, I cant get her out of my mind! Me and the boys were so excited! The girls who I invited should be here any second now!

There was a knock at the door "i got it" I told the boys, the just mumbled an okay. I started to turn into a nervous wreak and I don't know why! I opened the door to find the three girls, the one that caught my eye was the one who I sent the note to, she looked me in the eyes and we stared into each others eyes until we heard an awkward cough from next to us. we looked away from each other and she started to blush which caused me to smile. "come in" I said while opening the door further so they could walk in. I closed the door behind them , then got everyone's attention  " hey umm I didn't get your names" I mentioned "oh i'm Lexi" said the one in the purple dress,"im Emma" said the one with the jack daniels vest "and im Gabby" said the one with the neon green skirt. she was the one who caught my eyes first and probably stole my heart! " Boys, these girls are Lexi, Emma and Gabby" I said pointing to each girl the boys said hi and we all go to know each other. " lets play truth or dare" said Zayn "okay" everyone replied

(im lazy so G- Gabby, L- Lexi E-Emma N-Niall Li-Liam Lo-Louis Z-Zayn H-harry)

Lo- Gabby, truth or dare?

G- Truth

Lo- Pussy, who is your favourite out of us lads?

G- Niall

As Gabby said that she started to blush making me blush and all the boys starting to ooo!

Li- Louis truth or dare?

Lo- I'm not a pussy, so dare

Li- I dare you to run on stage and start playing the drums because we all know that Josh hates people playing his precious drums!

Lo- Ok, he will kill me though!

We all got up and went on to stage, Liam started to film while Louis started to play the drums terribly! I was pissing myself laughing as was everyone else until we heard Josh run down the corridor and starting to shout

" Quick hide!" I said, we all hid and heard Josh run onto stage looking around, we quietly crept back into our dressing room and burst into laughter,

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