Daddys Baby Girl! X

One Direction are in the middle of their world tour. All the boys have a lover except from Niall until he meets a beautiful girl while they are in Cardiff! It was in one of their shows at the stadium where a girl named Gabby was looking as beautiful as all ways. Niall saw her and told the security to give her a backstage pass! Is this the girl Niall has dreamed of? Is this the guy Gabby dreamed of? Read to find out.


4. Getting ready

Gabby's Pov

Me, Lexi and Emma mitched school at 12, so we can get ready for tonight. I'm wearing a neon green skirt, a white crop top, with a denim jacket, my white converse, my white Michael Kors bag, and a batch of bracelets. Natural make up as well. The show starts at  5 and we are leaving at 4 so we can get to our seats early and get all the merchandise first.

3 hours later

" Where shall we go for food?" " I'm not hungry, I might just have a packet of crisps!" I replied to Lexi. "Oh ok, well I'm gonna have a McDonalds, what about you Lex? said Emma  "Yeah, I will have one!" said Lex "Ok, I will just have a coke, lets go to McDonalds, I'll drive as well!" We headed to McDonalds, and ordered what we wanted. I had a medium coke, Emma had a chilli chicken wrap and Lexi, had a happy meal because she loves the toys, she is so childish, I swear if she could be a kid again she would!

Niall's Pov

It is now 4 and the doors are opening. The adrenaline is amazing, the stage is awesome and so is the food! Welsh cakes are so good! If my true love is here, I wonder if she can make welsh cakes as good as these! Everyone is crazy at the moment while I'm just chilling eating all the food I want. 5 seconds of summer are the craziest as they are on first. I just go crazy on the stage, and be my normal self, which is crazy as most of you know!

Gabby's Pov

" Can I have a programme, t-shirt, poster and wristband please" I said to the woman behind the counter, I am the first person to get this stuff! " that's £35 please" she said, I handed her the money got the change, then me and the girls walked to our seats! FRONT ROW!!!! AHHHHH! 5SOS come on in about 10 minutes so we are just having a conversation! I really want Niall to just wave at me or something! I love him so much! I want to be Mrs Horan, like Perrie is going to be Mrs Malik soon!

Gabby's Outfit:

Lexi's Outfit:

Emma's outfit:


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