Daddys Baby Girl! X

One Direction are in the middle of their world tour. All the boys have a lover except from Niall until he meets a beautiful girl while they are in Cardiff! It was in one of their shows at the stadium where a girl named Gabby was looking as beautiful as all ways. Niall saw her and told the security to give her a backstage pass! Is this the girl Niall has dreamed of? Is this the guy Gabby dreamed of? Read to find out.


2. First day back

Gabby POV

"Rise and shine sleepy head" said my mum "Ugh". Today is the first day back at school since the summer holidays. I am the most popular girl at school because I am the captain of the cheerleading squad. Other students think that I am a slut and fuck every guy I see just because I wear cheerleading uniform which is small. However I'm not I still have my virginity and care for other people. I want to give my virginity to someone who I want to live with for the rest of my life. Enough of my school life let me tell you about myself,

My name is Gabby Jones, I'm 17 years old and go to West Conwest High School (made that school up).

I looked at my alarm clock and it read 7:30, shit school starts at 8. I quickly jumped out of bed and ran into my ensuite, I have a big house as my mum has a good job. My parents divorced when I was 12 so I live with my mum. I jumped in the shower and quickly washed and brushed my teeth. Ran into my room and grabbed my underwear and bra and cheer uniform, put them on and put on a little bit of make up and I put my hair in a high pony tail. I walked downstairs, put a slice of bread in toaster. "Morning" said my mum as she walked into the kitchen." Morning" I replied. The toaster just dinged and I grabbed my toast and put butter on the slice of toast, said bye to my mum and walked out the door with my back pack. I walk to school everyday it takes me around 15 minutes but sometimes I get a lift.

I arrived at school and as usual everyone waved and said hi. I said hi back and waved until I met my friends, Lexi and Emma. We started talking about tonight as we are going to watch One direction tonight! I am a huge fan, I love Niall as where Lexi and Emma are huge fans of 5SOS but like 1D, Lexi loves Luke and Emma loves Calum., I like 5SOS but not as much 1D. They are only going to watch 5SOS! While we were talking about tonight, we also walked over to my locker and I grabbed my books and headed of to first period. Maths, great! (not)


Cheerleading outfit:













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