Daddys Baby Girl! X

One Direction are in the middle of their world tour. All the boys have a lover except from Niall until he meets a beautiful girl while they are in Cardiff! It was in one of their shows at the stadium where a girl named Gabby was looking as beautiful as all ways. Niall saw her and told the security to give her a backstage pass! Is this the girl Niall has dreamed of? Is this the guy Gabby dreamed of? Read to find out.


3. Day on the bus

Niall's Pov

 "Boys, move it, you need to be on that bus in 30 seconds!" shouted our tour manger Paul Higgins. We were running behind schedule by 5 minutes because we were playing football. Paul wants us to be on time with everything! Annoying as fuck! He wanted us to be on the bus at 9:00am but we are now on the bus at 9:05am. He is only worried because of the traffic that's happens in the morning from London. We are on the tour bus heading to Cardiff to perform tonight and tomorrow night at the Millennium Stadium.

1 hour later

 We have an hour left till we arrive at the stadium, and all us boys are bored to death, then I came up with a very cool idea! "boys lets play truth or dare, we are all bored to death so come on and play!" I told them. " Great idea" agreed Louis. All the other boys agreed as well. We sat in a circle, while Liam grabbed bottle, Liam span the bottle and it landed on me! "Truth or dare?" asked Louis "Truth" I replied "Pussy" said Louis " I know what you are like, you will probably make me suck a pussy, you and your sex toys!" I said back. "oooohhhhh" said the boys while Louis was blushing a crimson red. " Is it true you want to find your true love on tour?" asked Harry "umm yeah" I said quietly. We carried on with the game, and some of the dares were horrendous but hilarious!

We arrived at the stadium and you could already hear the girls screaming. it can be deafening at times. These girls are the loudest I heard in a while. We stepped out of the bus and everyone erupted in screams. As usual we were pushed by security and girls pulling our clothes. Once into the stadium, we started rehearsing for the show. "Let's rehearse Niall's guitar changes quickly. all you have to do is say the last line of each song" said our stage manager. We did as we were told and then went backstage to get changed and do quick preparations for the show. 


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