Daddys Baby Girl! X

One Direction are in the middle of their world tour. All the boys have a lover except from Niall until he meets a beautiful girl while they are in Cardiff! It was in one of their shows at the stadium where a girl named Gabby was looking as beautiful as all ways. Niall saw her and told the security to give her a backstage pass! Is this the girl Niall has dreamed of? Is this the guy Gabby dreamed of? Read to find out.


5. A wave and a wink

Gabby's Pov

5SOS came on stage and the place lit up! It's amazing, I know all the words because I have no choice to listen to it as the girls love them and play their songs all the time, however when I get a chance to play 1D, I put it on full blast dancing around the house.

I'm dancing around then I heard a huge scream next to me, it was Emma! " Why did you scream so loud?" I asked her while she started crying a bit! " Calum waved and winked at me!" she shouted at me

"Woah, calm your titty's woman!"    " My tittys are never calm, lady!" " Too much information there, girl!!" Just then I heard another huge scream! It was Lexi! "Why did you scream like Emma?" I asked her "Because Luke waved at me and blew me a kiss!" "whoah women calm down, he might be your future husband!" said Emma Then that sent her off into a day dream till Luke's guitar solo came up! She shoot up and stared at him like it was her last time seeing him ever again! And she will see him again, he is the screen saver for her phone!


Niall's Pov

Us boys are going on stage in a minute! Our opening slide thingy ma bob is playing while we do our handshake " Three, Two, One Ebosh!" we all shouted, we got ready in our line and a second later the wall slid up and we stepped out " straight off the plane to the new hotel" sang harreh " Just touch down you could never tell!" I looked at the crowd and my eyes stopped on one girl. She was stunning , a neon green skirt, with a white crop top which showed off her amazing figure and awesome shoes and a load of bracelets,  natural make up, drop dead gorgeous! I blew a kiss to the crowd but aimed it at her, she hugged two girls next to her which I assume are her friends! I decided to give them three a backstage pass as I still have my mums, dads and brothers but they cant make it tonight so I will give theirs to her instead of going in the bin.


Half way through the concert I changed my guitar and head piece and just had a mic like the boys! As I did I told the security to give them the backstage pass. I walked back on and gave her a wink!


Gabby's Pov

Half way through the concert Niall changed  his guitar to just his mic. He is so dreamy! Next thing you know a security guard came up to me and handed me an envelope, Niall was eying him the whole time then watching me open it. It had a note, it read:

Dear beautiful lady,

Here are three backstage passes to come and meet me and the boys! Bring your friends! Can't wait to meet you, see you soon!

Nialler! XXxxxxxxxxx <3

I screamed really loud and a lot of people looked at me, including Niall! I mouthed thank you to him and he just smiled and nodded at me!


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