Fly away

Since the beginning Joanna was never accepted. Even when she reaches her biggest breakthrough, she is faced with the hard decision of letting go or sharing the happiness. When she finally makes it through, will she achieve something far greater than fame? Will she finally have to choose between lifelong friendship and true love? All only time and tide will tell


5. The ultimate surprise........................................

Joanna's p.o.v

After our performance, was another face-off and then all selected participants were called on stage.

We held each other's hands and went up on stage.

There were altogether 7 of us left from the 12 that were there before the face-off.

Demi said,"Congratulations all of you are finally selected!!!".

Simon continues,"Now for the surprise from 5SOS".

"Wait",I say to myself,"wasn't their arrival the surprise".

But Micheal erases the suspense,"The actual reason we came here is because we needed a new artist to feature in one of our new upcoming single and we decided that there would be no better place to search for talent than here, so here we are".

Calum speaks up at last,"We initially had decided on only one artist but after seeing the amazing talent of some amazing singers, we've decided to choose two".

We hear the audience cheering.

"And the chosen ones  are....,Luke continues,"Joanna and........Ruth".

I froze.

"This is just a dream you're gonna soon wake up from", I tell myself.

But no I can Ruth jumping all over the place to prove that it isn't.

We couldn't control our joy. We started hugging random participants on stage and screaming.

Once the cameras were put off, all of us left the stage.

Ruth and I went directly out of the studio out of excitement.

Once we reached out we could hear people screaming out our names Ruth! Joanna! We love you!!!

I can't believe it. This is crazy. We have fans already.

And I'm feeling extremely dizzy. But who cares??

'Cause this is terribly exciting that now we are truly famous'.

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