Fly away

Since the beginning Joanna was never accepted. Even when she reaches her biggest breakthrough, she is faced with the hard decision of letting go or sharing the happiness. When she finally makes it through, will she achieve something far greater than fame? Will she finally have to choose between lifelong friendship and true love? All only time and tide will tell


3. The test........................

Each of them appeared to me one by one :-

Calum, Micheal, Ashton, Luke from '5 seconds of summer!!!!!!!!'

I bet i would've fainted if my future didn't depend on this face-off.

And the other judges, ' Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and the other judge whose name I always forget :P

Ruth and I couldn't control ourselves and started fan-girling.

We decided that we would sing 'unpredictable' by 5sos.

Ruth p.o.v

I couldn't control myself after I saw them.

Joanna was sooo excited but she tried her best to control herself.

'I know how important this is for her', I mumble to myself.

I started the song.......

'She sits at home with the lights out
Seeing life in different colours
I think it’s time that we wake up
So let me take.......

My voice broke. Calum was eyeing me. Didn't know I would do such a mistake. But Joanna covered up for me.

As much as I wanted to be together with her, I really wanted to get selected.

I give my best. So does she.

As soon as we finish singing, I see everyone on their feet and giving us a standing ovation.

Could this day get any better?

But I wonder who are they clapping for?

I cant believe Simon would give any of us a standing ovation.

We start crying.

And then ultimate silence................

Simon suddenly says, 'Both of you were amazing, but you know, only one of you can be selected and this decision, believe me is really hard for me to take so the one who is selected i-.........

'Simon!!' - Ashton chirps in,'we need to talk', he says while eyeing us.

All of them sit in a circle and discuss something and till now Calum hasn't stopped looking at me.........................


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