Fly away

Since the beginning Joanna was never accepted. Even when she reaches her biggest breakthrough, she is faced with the hard decision of letting go or sharing the happiness. When she finally makes it through, will she achieve something far greater than fame? Will she finally have to choose between lifelong friendship and true love? All only time and tide will tell


4. The decision..........

Ashton's p.o.v

"They are impossibly perfect", I say.

"But this is a competition", Simon explains.

"Please Simon", Demi pleads.

"I'll see what I can do.....", Simon says.

Ruth's p.o.v

Its been 2 minutes they have been discussing but it seems like hours to me.

Simon clears his throat and says,"After a short chitchat with my fellow judges I have decided that for the first time in 10 years on X Factor both of you are selected....".

in my head I was like,"Haha very funny Simon  u can stop joking now.

But no it was true!!!! We got selected!!!   

Joanna already started crying. Why  

wouldn't she???!!

Her dream came true. Our dream came true.

I tried to look as calm as possible didn't  wanna look like an idiot. Not that Joanna looked like one.Just that.....

It was time we left the stage, I realised.

Had to drag Joanna off the stage before she'd start acting like a maniac.

We were welcomed by a lot of our friends backstage. Didn't know we called so many people.But who cares??!! 

Cause now we're famous.........

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