Fly away

Since the beginning Joanna was never accepted. Even when she reaches her biggest breakthrough, she is faced with the hard decision of letting go or sharing the happiness. When she finally makes it through, will she achieve something far greater than fame? Will she finally have to choose between lifelong friendship and true love? All only time and tide will tell


9. Small Talk

Ruth's P.O.V ~

Joanna comes over and helps me pack up our things and we both end up talking more than getting ready to leave. Don't blame us. If you'd get in the X-Factor... You'd know what i'm talking about. 

We finish packing and go towards the car, Joanna was driving. We take turns although I like to drive more. Makes me feel free. I take my place on the passenger seat and switch on the radio. 'Don't' by Ed was on. Me and Joanna started jamming to it like there was no tomorrow. 

Don't .... with my love.

That heart is so cold.

All over my home...

"How did we even get into the X-Factor?" Joanna asks when the song stops playing. "I don't know. Honestly. we sound like dying hippos." I say, laughing. Joanna laughed showing off her dimple. I poke her dimple and say "Its not fair that the better looking one from us both doesn't have a dimple" which makes her laugh even more.

My phone buzzes in my back pocket. I take out my phone and check to see I received a message from an Unknown number.

(Ruth - R  /  Unknown - U)


U - Hey. Hws it going?

R - Good. Sorry but who is this?

U -  Calum. From 5 seconds of summer. We met some time ago. 

R - Yea.. Srry. Forgot to add you in my contacts. 


(Calum - C)


C - Wow. I feel Loved and Appreciated 

R - Aww. But are you not supposed to be at a concert?

C -  Yea. Matt's here. He's yelling at us. Hehe. IDK what he's talking about also.

R -  Maybe you should listen.

I reply laughing. Joanna turns to me giving me a weird face look, saying "Your all happy all of a sudden" then she sees me looking at the phone and asks "Who you texting?"

I tell her "Its not who I'm texting. Its whose texting me.." 

"Lemme guess. Calum Thomas Hood" she says smiling. "How did you know?" I ask giving her a puzzled look.

" Girl, I live with you. You are smiling like an idiot. And I noticed the way he was looking at you. Wait. Let me correct that. Staring at you. I hear wedding bells ringing." she says in a sing-sing voice.

" Haha. Very funny." I reply sarcastically.

He does not like me. There is no reason he should. I mean.... Look at me. I'm not thin. I've got boring brown eyes. Black hair. The only thing people compliment me about is my height. I'm a good 5'8 and still growing (surprisingly but you don't see me complaining). My phone buzzes again. 

 C - GTG to get ready and stuff. TTYL and me and the boys are really exited to hear you both sing with us. See you          tomorrow.

R - Yea. We are really exited as well. You better go. Matt might not let you come tomorrow otherwise.

C - Nah. Matt's cool. Only a little strict sometimes..

R -  Go. Now.

C -  Okay Mommy.


Four words.   Really. Exited. For. Tomorrow.

and another three words. What. Just. Happened?


(A/N : I'm the Co-Author. Hope you enjoyed the update. I don't think there will be any updates for some tome after this as me and Joanna have exams. But we will try our best to update and if we can't , we will do it after the exams.

Thanks for reading.  ;)


Ruth Andrea Quadros)

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