Fly away

Since the beginning Joanna was never accepted. Even when she reaches her biggest breakthrough, she is faced with the hard decision of letting go or sharing the happiness. When she finally makes it through, will she achieve something far greater than fame? Will she finally have to choose between lifelong friendship and true love? All only time and tide will tell


11. Home sweet home

   Joanna's p.o.v.

We reached home a tired mess. Auditions can be really exhausting. But we had to move in the contestant house fast or we wouldn’t have time for ourselves. And the hangout with Luke too… (I’m not calling it a date as yet) Damn we need to do this fast.

We pack until our suitcases look like they’re gonna burst open and run to the house (or maybe take a taxi there).

The rooms are in one word ‘open’. I mean there are 3 of us in a room and its weird…. Especially the fact that you have a strong contender sleeping right next to you and overhearing your conversations..

I finally tell Ruth about the whole plan. It turns out she knows about the whole thing (so much for privacy) But she is ready to help me dress up. Though I breathe dresses  she knows a lot about make-up......

Its amazing to have someone by you who understands you for who you are....

My thoughts are disturbed by a phone call from mum

Hey honey!

Hey mum whats up? Come directly to the point  I don't have time.

Well I have work and Jesse cant stay at home alone so can you take care of her tomorrow?

Mum tomorrow is the only day i'm free and I've got stuff to do

Oh , hun I promise this is the last thing i'll ask of you I promise..



Well done mum, well done.....(note the sarcasm)

I kind of told Ruth about it but here's what she said'"Dude i would do anything for you but not take care of that little brat". Well yeah she is a brat.

I cant believe mum cant keep her alone at home, she's 15, she know's what she's doing.

Yeah maybe she gets a bit nasty at times but......

Now there's only one thing I can do. I message Luke saying I'm sorry I cant come and tell him the whole reason.

I hope he doesn't feel bad. It's not like I'm trying to ignore him.............

I get a message. It's from Luke and reading it I know that tomorrow is gonna be a really long day.....................

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