Fly away

Since the beginning Joanna was never accepted. Even when she reaches her biggest breakthrough, she is faced with the hard decision of letting go or sharing the happiness. When she finally makes it through, will she achieve something far greater than fame? Will she finally have to choose between lifelong friendship and true love? All only time and tide will tell


8. Coming back to reality..............

I can hear someone calling out my name.

I feel my eyes fluttering open.

Oh no don't tell me this happened again.

I can hear Ruth telling someone,"Don't worry, this happens to her when she gets hyper-excited or something...."

Oh  my God!! Its Luke Hemmings standing in front of me, the Luke Hemmings.

He looks relieved as he listens to Ruth. He notices that I am awake and pulls me up from the floor.

Oh the feel of his soft warm hands. Hands that I would love to hold forever.

Snap back to reality Joanna He's Luke Hemmings. He has a lot of fans who look prettier than you.

There's no reason he would fall in love with you. But something inside me felt that it wasn't gonna be the last time he held my hand.

*after a few daydreams*

"You okay?", he asks me

"Yeah", I lie (my head was spinning out of control).

"Soo congrats on getting selected", he says.

"Well  thanks to you guys............................", I reply while holding Ruth's hand really tight practically squashing it.

"Nahhh... ",he replies

Ruth's p.o.v

"You guys practically owned the stage ,you'll were amazing ,  especially you....................".

Whoa Calum hood  just complimented me....................................

"Well i'll see you tommorrow for the recording, its at seven ,  I guess",

"You guess?", I  make fun  of him  and start giggling. i pray he doesn't think i'm an idiot now.

Just then Simon comes in and says ,"Don't u guys have a concert in 2 hours?

"Damn!! Matt's gonna be angry", Calum says.

Matt was their director, I guessed.

He looks at me and gives me an apologetic face while asking for my number 

We exchanged numbers and Calum leaves.

I see Joanna still talking to Luke he's acting like he doesn't care about the concert.

I hear them talking. "Soo maybe we can hangout before that maybe for lunch or something and then we could do go directly to the studio", Luke says to her.

I notice Joanna blushing to the extent that it looks like she put a huge ripe tomato over her head.

Shes playing with her hair; something she would do only if she liked someone.She's nodding in agreement to whatever Luke's saying.

It doesn't seem like shes listening to what he's saying but just staring at his face. Yeah,she's lost in his face.

His blue eyes, his blond hair............. Oh wait why am i describing him?

They exchange numbers.

Joanna p.o.v 

He winks and leaves That could be utterly random ,he could have winked for the cameras I think.

No but he was looking directly at me.

Don't fall for him. Oh wait i already did.

I look back expecting to see hundreds of reporters but see no one but Ruth getting ready to leave............


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