I cant believe you

She loves him. He loves her. He blew it. Does she forgive him? Or not?

Read I can't believe you to find out wat happens


3. school-_-

Claire's pov~

After I said that to cal I felt so proud of myself.

I went to my locker got out my books and rushed straight to class. Lucky me I'm the first one here so I get to sit wherever I want so I chose in the corner up the back. I was just sitting here listening to music while I wait for class to finish then I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I took out my earphone and saw it was Calum."what do you want" I said. "Meet me at the gates after school." He said with a smirk "uh why?" I asked confused "you'll see but I promise I won't be a dick." He said "argh fine" I said.

*******************•after school•*********************

Calum's pov~

I was waiting at the gate for her. Then I saw her walking out with her head phones in. She looked up then took them out when she saw me.

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