I cant believe you

She loves him. He loves her. He blew it. Does she forgive him? Or not?

Read I can't believe you to find out wat happens


2. bus..

But just my luck like saw me."hey babe" he whispered while he pulled me to sit next to him." What do you want?" I hissed he looked at me up and down and said "you know what I want." "Luke you fuck ever girls you see then break there hearts ya think I'm gonna fall for it too?" I asked."oh but I know you want it." He said with a smirk " no I really don't." I said as I got up and went to the back. But knowing the next stop is we're cal gets on I will get more shot this morning. Calum came and sat next to me."hey babe" he said with a smirk "what the fuck do you want Calum I've already had Luke's shit this morning." I growled. Not that i think either of them are ugly there both fucking hot along wig ask and mike😍🙌. "Wow don't act like you don't like this" he said as he leaned in to kiss me. I pushed him back and said " I don't think so hood." "Don't act like iTunes don't want me I know you to" he said " but that's the thing Calum when you are serious about a relashionship then some see me." I said as I got up and walked off the bus.

Claims pov~

Did she just say come to me when you want a real relashionship??

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